The Truth About Online Surveys and Research Studies

Do any search on the Internet for online surveys and you would think that thousands of dollars can be made every month. The typical advertisement claims 75 to 300 dollars can be made an hour by filling out a few surveys. While there is some truth that a modest amount of money can be made filling out surveys its not nearly as lucrative as it is claimed on numerous websites. In this article I hope to address the reality of online surveys and what to realistically expect.

First of all do not get taken in by the numerous companies attempting to make money by offering lists of survey companies for a fee. This information is available for free and I am yet to find a survey company that charges a fee to join. For the most part surveys rarely pay over $5 per survey, however many survey companies occasionally run online and offline focus groups which can pay upto $200 per hour. This is basically how and where the 75 to 300 dollars an hour statement comes from.

Online surveys and online research studies can be fun and can supplement your income. The most important thing to remember is that your never make enough money to give up your day job. This does not mean they are not worth doing because they are fun and often allow you to see content not generally available. Many survey companies do product tests and allow the testers to keep products as well as getting paid.

Survey companies pay in different ways, generally either points add upto rewards or you get a check once the survey is complete. Rewards can include cash, gift certificates or other gifts. The best way to find survey companies is via word of mouth or one of the many free lists of survey companies available on the Internet. My top five are Global Test Market, Light Speed Panel, Survey Savvy, Your Two Cents and Keynote.

Not all surveys that you receive will be paid many will be for prize drawings, but do as many surveys as you can it will increase your chances of getting a paid opportunity. I suggest you spend some time and sign up for around 20 sites and after that you should start to receive surveys. Most people get around 5 surveys a day and it is possible to do quite well. Research studies and focus groups are quite rare and if your lucky you may get one or two a month. It is perfectly possible to make a few hundred dollars a month doing online surveys and that is a descent return for a few minutes of questions each day.

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