Voodoo Marketing Podcast

For anyone looking to start up their own internet marketing business or to improve their already existing marketing plan, a visit to Voodoo Marketing’s podcast is a good first step. The podcasts through Voodoo Marketing include discussions with Jamie Wells of TCS Mobile and Bill Flitter of Pheedoo about RSS Feeds, the use of mobile marketing, and other tactics to improve product advertisement and sales. These discussions can often times be instructive and, for someone like me who is still a neophyte about things like RSS Feeds, they provide a good resource for when I become more technologically proficient.

However, I think Voodoo Marketing’s podcasts could include more discussions with those still at the smaller scale of internet marketing. Speaking with someone who is on the verge of becoming successful at internet marketing may be more instructive as it will provide a middle ground between newcomer and successful CEO. Nonetheless, the podcasts are informative and a must-listen for anyone interested in learning more about internet marketing.


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