So, You Want To Sell On eBay?

So, you’ve been bitten by the eBay bug, and you’re itching to sell on this popular online auction site. I will share a few things that have definitely helped me to increase my sales on eBay, as I have seen a difference between my auctions as a beginner, and the auctions that I post today. These tips alone will not make you rich, but I can tell you that the more effort you put into selling and developing good selling strategies, the more your work will pay off.

Find out what’s selling

Before selling your first item on eBay, search for it to see what it’s generally selling for. If you can’f find a current listing for an item like yours, search the completed listings for auctions that have ended. This will give you an idea of how to price your item competitively. Maybe you want $25 for that beer stein, but if steins identical to yours are only selling for as much as $10, it’s best to price your item accordingly. If you start your auction at a price that is lower than others, you will probably get more bids, which means that more eBay users will be involved in your auction. eBayers will often compete for items that they really want, so starting with a low price can increase the amount of your final sale. Also, when users see an unusually high number of bids, this often inspires them to view the listing, increasing your chances of getting a new high bidder.

Write an attractive title

When you create an item listing on eBay, you must give it a title within 55 characters. Your title can be a powerful selling point. Think of your item, and imagine what words someone looking for this item would use in a search. Put as many of these descriptive keywords in your title as possible. Avoid the use of text like “L@@K!”, “Cool!” and “Awesome Deal!”, because it is rare that a buyer will search for these words.

Create an effective auction page

You don’t have to have an eBay store with it’s monthly fees to create attractive and effective item listings. If you can show those that view your auction something that is informative, visually pleasing, and professional, they will know that you are serious about what you are selling. Have your item on hand, so you can describe it as clearly as possible. In the description, include the item’s condition, special features, history, and the price that you initially paid for it. Be very descriptive and honest. When you have your payment and shipping policies worked out, state them clearly within a few short lines, and plug them in, underneath your item description. You can also list them at the bottom of your page, bit it’s helpful to also have them at the top where they can be easily found.

If you know HTML, make good use of text formatting tags, like bold, italic, underline, and so on. You may also want to change the font color and style to match your item. For example, I sold a cartoon DVD, so I changed the font in the listing to “comic sans”. When I sold a red backpack, I changed the font color to a deep red. A lighter red would have matched the backpack more closely, but it is best to use a dark font against a white background. It easier on the eyes. Avoid using font color in unharmonious combinations, and avoid the use of blinking text. If you know how to set up tables, use them to organize your item description. For those that are HTML illiterate, use a search engine to find a “HTML maker” or a “table maker”. You just type in the text that you want, the size of the table, and the HTML tags are automatically inserted, based upon your selections. If you like the way a specific auction of yours looks, save the HTML in a text document. You can use this as a template for future listings.

Include an eye-catching photo

It is important to include a good photo in your eBay auction. Your photo can catch the eye of browsing eBayer. Buyers want to see as much detail as possible. Set up your item in natural lighting, if you can. Make sure to get the whole item in the photo, and make sure that it is not blurry. You’ll want a photo that is sharp and crisp. Putting a camera on a tripod, or propping it up on something usually reduces blur. If you have access to graphics and imaging software, use it to optimize your photos. Adjust the levels and sharpen the photograph, if needed. When a photo has a dull look, boost the contrast, and saturation a bit, without washing out the detail. Whatever you do to optimize your image, keep in mind that the finished photo should accurately represent the item that you are selling.

Offer international shipping

To increase your eBay sales, offer international shipping. This may seem like a hassle, but by making your item available to global bidders, you may find that there is a higher demand for your item in another country. If you aren’t getting bids on an item, international shipping ca help. It’s also worth mentioning that shipping from the United States to Canada can be relatively cheap, and quick.

If you know your item’s weight, you can use the eBay shipping calculator to obtain a quote. The final shipping charge based on your item’s weight will include packaging. Call your local United States Postal Service location to speak with a representative if you have any questions.

Be persistent

eBay auctions can be unpredictable. If your auction ends without a sale, re-list the item. Be persistent. Something that doesn’t sell one week, may get multiple bids during the following week.

The Christmas season is a great time to sell on eBay. Sales peak at the end of November through the beginning of December, then drop during the first two weeks before Christmas. During these two weeks, buyers are often hesitant to bid if they think that their item will not reach it’s destination before the 25th. Sales pick up a week or so after Christmas, as people begin to spend money that they received.

Complete your “About Me” page

Add some info to your “About Me” page to introduce yourself to prospective buyers. You can use your eBay page to talk about the items that you sell, your hobbies, your sales policies and what you expect from buyers. The “About Me” page allows you to list your current items up for auction and your feedback in one place. If you want to take it further, you can also post an image, and you can define your own HTML to make your page stand out.

I’ve mentioned some details here that are small, but very important. These tips can increase your level of success with online auctions. You can use all of these tips without the extra eBay fees that you would spend on upgrading your account and item listings. As I mentioned before, the more work you put into improving your auctions, the better your results will be.

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