Tips for a Successful Cyber Monday 2013 Score

Cyber Monday is another in the long line of holiday sale days, and it can be the best time to score deals on many items, specifically high end electronics. Here is how to get the best deals on what you really want on Cyber Monday 2013.

Choose your favorites

Some of the biggest sale items every year are televisions and computers. This year is no exception. Samsung and LG televisions are some of the most popular at major retailers. Also, the Amazon Kindle Fire and new Ipad Air are two sought after gifts. Create a pyramid for Cyber Monday. If it would be a Christmas-ruining event for your child to not see a Playstation 3 under the tree, make that priority one. Then, add a new laptop for yourself down at the next level, and finally some discount DVDs for old Uncle Fred at the bottom. Creating a purchase hierarchy for Cyber Monday ensures that you get the most important purchases before they sell out.

Use Black Friday as a measuring stick

Cyber Monday deals will be eerily similar to the specials found on Black Friday. In fact, some of the same items usually make their way into the online sale area. Take a look at the Best Buy Black Friday ad. If you are looking for a new Ipad or Kindle, but miss out on the Black Friday sales, the same items should be available during Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is not always cyber

It used to be that Black Friday specials were only available in store, but now many items can be purchased at a Black Friday online sale. The same principal applies to Cyber Monday. Even though this day is thought of as a digitally based shopping event, the will be in-store sales for Cyber Monday. This varies by store, but it can be a great way to still get an item that sold out online.

Cyber Monday Price Match

Cyber Monday can be an opportunity for price matches. Some stores will match online specials from their competitors. This occurs on a case by case basis, but it cannot hurt to see if you can get a Cyber Monday special at your favorite local store.

The Cyber Week

Cyber Monday has expanded into a seven day period in recent years. Instead of only having a single day to find deals, you now have the entire period from Thanksgiving until the end of the following “Cyber Week”. Stores will continue to promote specials for a long period of time, allowing you to find the best deal possible.

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