The Ultimate Guide to Easy Spring Cleaning of Your Pet

Keeping them safe
We have all go a little crazy when it comes to spring cleaning, but what about our pet? While we are dragging out all the furniture and rugs outside, we can forget about our pets. If you are planning to do any major home renovations, you should find somewhere safe for your pet to spend the weekend. You can have them stay with a friend or put them up in a pet boarding facility, just make sure to check the area out before dropping off your pet. Also, make sure that they have everything they need to take care of your pet including the vet’s phone number.

If you are going to be cleaning while your pet is still in the house you will want to make sure that they cannot access dangerous cleaners and the trash. You will need to keep the air circulating to cut down on any allergens resurfacing into the air. If you are going back and forth from the outside you will need to make sure your pets have ID tags on them just in case they try to sneak out.

Replacing old toys
While you are cleaning out the rooms in your house you should wash the toys off and inspect them. Any toy that has fallen apart is a choking hazard to your pet; throw them out as soon as you come across them. If the toy is washable, you should first check the tags for instructions on cleaning. Most toys are either surface washable or machine washable, however you will still need to check on the cleaners label to make sure that it is safe

You should be brushing your pets coat outside every other week, but your pet needs to have a good cleaning too. To help your pet get into tiptop shape for spring you will want to clip their nails, give them a good bath, and remember to give their teeth a cleaning with a soft wet cloth. If you have the money, you should consider taking your dog into a professional groomer for a good cleaning.

Protecting your furnishings
Most cat owners will tell you that it is almost impossible to have nice furniture, but with some double-sided tape you can easily solve this problem. If your fabric isn’t treated with scotch guard I suggest using a product called “Sticky Paws”. It applies almost anywhere and keeps them from destroying the furniture. Then you will need to invest in a cat scratching post to help them avoid temptation.

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