The Vastness of the Sky

The Vastness of the Sky

She looked out her window. The paleness of the Sky seemed to reach her. Children were laughing and playing on the streets. The Sky didn’t seem to bother them. One child noticed her looking at them. He smiled at her, and she waved back. There was something between them at that moment. She couldn’t place her finger on it, but there was.

The Sky grew hazy just then. Clouds were rolling along and a thunder storm was approaching. That meant the children had to go in, and for a moment she was
disappointed. She enjoyed watching their dirty little hands and feet playing with a dog, cat, or what have you.

The children went to their respective homes, and you could hear the thunder starting out in the distance. It had started to sprinkle. It was just a light little rain at first, and then came the storm.
She heard the thunder. It was a loud thunder that could make you jump, if you weren’t prepared for it. She loved the sound of thunder, but didn’t especially enjoy the lighting.

Her husband came home. He seemed terribly burdened this evening. She wondered why. Then, she decided to prepare supper.

The meal time was a time she always looked forward to. She could spend time with her husband, and catch up on the days news. Their conversation went something like this:

“How was work today dear?”, she would always ask that first.
He’d reply, “Fine, and how was your day running the house?”
She’d reply, “Fine.”

Then there would be the famous seven minute pause that each conversation supposedly had. Their forks clinked with their knives as they cut the steak that had been prepared. After a moments hesitation, she cleared her throat, and before she could say something, her husband remarked on the day at work.

“We didn’t get the King’s account.”
“Oh really?” She replied, know that this was an account that was very important to her husband’s advertising agency. “I’m terribly sorry.”
“Well, it’s okay. It’s not your fault, you know. But, thanks for the concern.” He took a big juicy bite of steak, and after swallowing said, “I shouldn’t have bothered you with my day at work. It’s no need to worry you about the troubles of the world. Were you getting ready to say something?”
She smiled at him and said, “But I like to know what happens at your work. And yes, I was going to say something. I saw Peter Jeffery’s boy playing ball with some other kids in the neighborhood. They looked like they were having a good time.”
“Well, now, isn’t that just dandy?” Her husband grinned at her. “How old is little Sammy now?”
“I think he is eleven now. Isn’t that crazy how fast time goes?” She waited for a reply.
“Yes, dear, it is! Why, I remember the time he was brought home from the hospital. Just a wee little new born.”
“Yes. He was very sweet.”

She then realized what had been bothering her all morning about their little encounter. Such a child had so much innocence that of course he wouldn’t be bothered by the Sky! He hadn’t had a chance to see many of the evils of the world.
She was fifteen years his senior, and she had seen a great deal more than he had. Yes, yes, that was it. She reckoned that the Sky hadn’t had time to reach him. And, for a moment, their little encounter had been just them. Just them, and not the Sky around them.
The storm began to let up after supper. The children began to play outside again. Then, she was glad for them.

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