The Wherewithall to Make Sense.

I hate to even bring this topic into material conversation, but why is that everytime someone disagrees with the Iraqi War/Occupation they are called Idiotic or Michael Moore Fanboys?

I disagree with the Iraq Question, wholeheartedly, and I have a bedspread of opinions on why we shouldn’t be there. I don’t understand the chronological order of things thought. If Cobra attacked the G.I Joe’s main base and then fled to Afghanistan, I feel G.I.Joe has the right to retaliate against Cobra. I don’t think G.I.Joe should attack the people of Afghanistan, unless they are adding Cobra.Now, lets say G.I Joe defeats Cobra in Afghanistan, does it as a war army, have the right to enter Iraq( which is the home to an old enemy, the Decepticons) and wage war against them?

No,I didn’t think so.There in lies the idiocy of this war, and the justification those in the administration or the upper echelon want to proprogate onto us. I don’t know who charged us as Masters of the Universe, and I do want to help eliminate all the woes that befall the innocent, but I don’t think using a fabricated excuse( cough, WMDs,cough) is a good enough one. What will happen next? Will be enter China because someone there looked at Mrs.Bush wrong?

I don’t agree with the war, I don’t agree with the deaths, I don’t agree with the aimless diredtion. Thought my words might become an inveigh to the war conservatives/republicans who feel this excursion is infallable. I deride it all. And for the record there is no “War on Terrorism”, its merely a Campaign. One possibly fueled, with intent, or filling coffers, maintaining fear-mongering, espousing discrimination( class, race, religion), and creating a famine within social ideology.

I said it.Come at me.

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