Thermo Isolation and Acoustics

The thermo isolation and acoustics are a very important phase in the construction or the restoration of your housing. If you are anxious to carry out energy saving plans, and thus to preserve the environment, or if you want to protect yourselves from external noises, you must take into account that a good insulation is a paramount stage.

Thermo isolation makes it possible to save 30% on your expenditure of heating (or of air-conditioning). Indeed temperature variations can reach 50 degrees between one hard winter and a really hot summer. The thermo isolation must start with the roof and the high parts of the house. The high part of your house is exposed to the climate changes and the installation of insulating materials must be realized carefully. For this kind of work it is preferable to call upon the services of a specialized company.

The interior partitions of your housing must also profit from very high quality good insulation. That will enable you to make significant economic savings by heating only the parts which you want without loss of energy towards the other parts.

The external walls of your house can receive insulating products as well as the outside as of the interior. The insulation of the walls from the outside will have the great advantage of avoiding the cold bridges, i.e. a passage by which the exchanges of temperatures will be able to be carried out.

Take care not to forget to carefully insulate the floor or ground of your dwelling. That you had a cellar, an underground space or a basement, understand that heat goes up and that the insulation of this part will make you save 16% on your energy bill.

As for the soundproofing, understand that it is at the origin of a very great number of removals. Indeed, you can be victims of noise pollutions on several levels. External noises, if your housing is near a motorway, near a railroad or an airport, and even interior noise, coming from piping, elevators or quite simply because of the neighbors that are too noisy.

The insulating materials employed vary according to the choice between the thermo isolation or acoustics. If it is glass wool, of polystyrene or rock wool, you will find these materials in the specialized retailers and the fitters, but also in large areas of do-it-yourself stores, moreover in promotion at the end of the summer, if you decide to complete insulation work yourself.

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