Three Creative Ways to Decorate a Plain Knitted Scarf

Scarves come in every color imaginable, especially hand-knitted varieties. Some have fringe, while others are plain and are more practical than stylish. Whether you make your wraps or buy them from a store, you can decorate the yarn in creative new ways. Consider three easy options for embellishing a basic neck wrap, and turn yours into a chic fall and winter accessory.

Turn Short Scarves into Pullovers with the Addition of a Large Decorative Button

Shorter knitted scarves can be easily transformed into pullovers by adding a large decorative button. As the photo shows, a single button that coordinates with the color of the yarn is stylish and practical. To attach a button to a scarf, take apart a six-inch piece of yarn to create two strands. Thread the double strands through the holes to create a crisscross design. Thread the yarn through the scarf and knot it on the back. Place the other end of the scarf evenly over the one with the button, and gently push it through. A button hole is not required. You will be able to easily slip it over your head, and it will stay together.

Decorate the Fringe with Gorgeous Glass Beads

Another great way to decorate a plain knitted scarf is with gorgeous glass beads. Select color-coordinating beads with holes that are large enough to accommodate the yarn. Thread them onto every third strand of fringe, and tie double knots beneath each one. Vary the height of the beads from one strand to the next. Tie some at the ends, others in the center and several near the top. They will make the scarf more unique and stylish whether it is was handmade or mass produced by machine.

Unravel the Fringe at Both Ends

The fringe on a scarf look much fuller when the strands are separated. Unravel the fringe strand by strand to create single much narrower pieces of yarn. It is a fantastic way to improve the look of a wrap that does not have enough fringe. If desired, braid dozens of strands at each end before adding beautiful glass beads. No matter which method that you choose to decorate your scarf, you will end up with a wrap that is truly unique.

Source: Loom Knitting and Advanced Crafting Experience

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