TMX 10th Anniversary Elmo: The New Tickle Me Elmo

I will admit I have went crazy over the new Tickle Me Elmo Extreme. When I first heard it was coming out I knew I had to have one. I mapped out a plan and went on what I call Operation Elmo. I called all of the Wal-Mart stores in my area and confirmed Monday the 18th that they had arrived as scheduled and checked to see how many came in. I became almost a stalker of sorts.

I decided after my strategic planning that my best bet was going to be going to the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Litchfield Illinois. I got up and got myself and my son dressed and left my house at 6:30AM to begin my quest. Arriving at the store I asked where they would be when they came out and was passed off to a manager.

Luckily for me the manager was one of my old bosses from a previous job and he totally hooked me up. They sent another manager in the back to grab one while they decided where to put the display. There was confusion as to when I could check out as it was not yet 8:00 AM the official sales time. However I was patient and walked the Wal-Mart with my Elmo TMX in hand.

The box of the TMX Elmo was the coolest. WHen you lift the lid Elmo giggles and says no peeking. I anxiously awaited checking out and drove a few associates and shoppers crazy as my son and I kept lifting the lid over and over again.

Once I was able to check out, I raced home to see what this great invention did. I opened the box carefully and took all of the required security strings off. I finally has Elmo out and flipped the button under his foot on. The Elmo began to giggle when tickled and moved around and kind of shaked as he slapped his knee. It was very entertaining for my son to watch.

We have played with the doll almost all day and I must say it is a fun toy. It has since sold out in most stores since the release this morning and the prices have skyrocketed on Amazon as well as Ebay. I would say the retail price at $39.99 was a fair price and would not pay any more than that.

My personal opinion on the TMX Elmo is positive. There will be a frenzy so I would suggest shopping early and buying from a trusted source to avoid a knockoff.

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