Three Ideas for Finding More Storage Space in Your Home

Unless you have one of those McMansions that all the middle managers seem to think are so groovy these days, you probably have come across one of the most common problems facing homeowners in America. The problem of finding storage space. Sure, you think you have the world on a string when you first move into an empty house. Drawers galore. More closets than any straight man or woman without a thing for shoes could ever possibly need. But as the march of time beats incessantly against the head and causes that impending migraine, you know the day is going to come when you just do not seem to have any more room for any more stuff. And you know what George Carlin had to say about stuff.


How many empty suitcases do you have just loitering around the house taking up space and contributing nothing? Well, for heaven’s sake, man, don’t just sit there and allow that! Unless you are a heavy traveler who uses your suitcases on a regular basis, you need are staring at terrifically mismanaged storage space already existing in the house on a big time basis. Load up the suitcases and get stuff out of the way until you need the luggage again for a travel situation. And here’s the best part: since you are going to be gone anyway, you can unload the stuff inside pretty much anywhere. Just remember to pack it back up when you get home.

Garage Verticality

The garage offers plenty of space for storage. You already know that and chances are you have taken advantage of that space in the garage. To a point. Go out to the garage and look up and chances are you will see how you have been a real slacker and a bit of a load when it comes to taking full advantage of all the space that your garage has to offer. A few bins suspended from the ceiling is just the start and just imagine how much of your stuff that you rarely ever even use or look at can be hidden away there. Look carefully around your garage from the perspective underutilized space between your feet and the ceiling. In many cases, the big money wager may well be not just on underutilized space but unutilized space. If you have to build upward, then by all means do so. If you would prefer to go with a sling that stretches from one wall to the other, then by all means do so. Just keep in mind that no matter how much of your garage space you think you are using for storage, you are probably not even halfway to the full story just yet.

Lazy Susan

The funny thing about Lazy Susan technology is that it actually offers you the opportunity to be much more efficient. Nothing lazy about that! Any cabinet storage space in the home into which a circular Lazy Susan can be installed will automatically and immediately become a place where so much more can be stored than you will find there at the moment. A corner cabinet is a particularly effective place for introducing the magic that is the Lazy Susan. A double-decker or triple-decker Lazy Susan adds all that much more opportunity to store items in a significantly more efficient manner.

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