Three Must-Have Tools for Quick and Easy Household Cleaning

Cleaning is a chore that everyone wishes would either go away or become easier. Whether you are a busy mom or a single guy, these handy products make cleaning your house or apartment a breeze. They even help with a quick cleaning session if you are expecting company.

Microfiber Cloths

If you dust with a dry cloth and a bit of furniture polish spray, you are doing it the hard way. Microfiber cloths make the job much easier. They require less spray to pick up the dust, and even pick up more dust than a typical dry dusting cloth. When dusting items that do not require furniture polish, the microfiber cloth easily wipes away the dust, while a dry cloth just pushes it around. Use a microfiber cloth with window cleaner to clean windows for a streak-free finish. When you need to clean your microfiber cloths, hand wash them in the sink or wash them separately in the washing machine. If you wash them with other towels, they tend to attract fuzz balls from the other towels that are almost impossible to get rid of.

Swiffer Dusters

This handy Procter and Gamble product is basically a disposable dusting head on a reusable plastic stick. Do not let the simplicity of this product or the cheap appearance fool you – this is a powerful cleaning tool! The dusting head on the Swiffer duster attracts and hold dust like nothing you have seen. It is perfect for quick touchups just before guest arrive. Do you have a hard time dusting behind electronics? The Swiffer duster easily wipes dust away behind electronic components between multiple cords. These dusters are also useful for dusting the fronts of electronic components around tricky knobs and buttons. If you have a ceiling fan, the Swiffer duster makes cleaning dusty fan blades quick and easy.

Disposable Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox and Lysol both make disposable disinfecting wipes. They are extremely useful in the kitchen to quickly disinfect counters after preparing food. Are guests on their way? Quickly touch up the bathroom with a disinfecting wipe and then simply toss it in the trash. Disinfecting wipes are also handy to quickly clean children’s toys. They can even be used to quickly rub stains and spills out of cloth (make sure to test it first to make sure it does not discolor the fabric). Once you introduce these handy items in your home, you will find a million uses for them and wonder how you ever lived without them!

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