Three Steakhouses in Ithaca, New York

When searching for a restaurant that serves steak, many steak lovers are left unsatisfied. That is why many individuals interested in wonderfully prepared steak often visit steakhouses or other restaurants focusing on serving quality steak. Restaurant goers in and around the Ithaca, New York area have been visiting the three restaurants below for quality service and amazing steak.

(1) The John Thomas Steakhouse is located at 1152 Danby Road, otherwise known as Route 96B in Ithaca. The steakhouse is conveniently located near the campus of Ithaca College.

The John Thomas Steakhouse specializes in steak; however, there are other meal cuisine types available. The also have selections with salads, chicken, and hamburgers. They are open seven days a week. At the John Thomas Steakhouse you have the option to dine in or take your food home. This establishment accepts all major forms of credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Reservations are not necessary at this establishment; however, if you wish to call ahead and schedule one or call for more information, please contact the staff at (607) 273-3464.

(2) The Mahogany Grill is a restaurant that services highly recommended steak cuisines, along with other food varieties, and is located at 114 North Aurora Street in downtown Ithaca, near the Ithaca Commons.

The Mahogany Grill is famous for their Angus Steak and seafood selection. They are open daily for lunch and dinner. The Mahogany Grill does not require reservations; however, you may call and try to schedule one if you wish. They take all major forms of credit cards, including Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover Card, and the Diners Club Card.

If you are interested in learning about their dinner selections or to check the meal prices, please contact the Mahogany Grill by calling (607) 272-1438.

(3) Ristorante Banfi is a fine dining establishment that offers steak cuisine as well as a wide variety of others. Ristorante Banfi is located at 11 East Ave in Ithaca, on the campus of Cornell University. The Ristorante Banfi operates out of the famous Statler Hotel.

In addition to steaks, this fine dining establishment also services amazing Italian and American cuisines. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served daily. Salads and appetizers are also available with each meal. All major credits cards are accepting as a form of payment here. There cards include American Express, Discover Card, and Visa. The Ristorante Banfi has personal dining sections and banquet rooms available for special occasions. For fine dinning and a wonderful wine selection, please visit the Ristorante Banfi.

To few sample menus or to obtain more information on the Ristorante Banfi, please visit and select the dining option. To schedule a reservation, please contact the staff at (607) 254-2565.

Whether you are an Ithaca area resident who loves a quality steak for dinner, or are just visiting the area, visit the Ristorante Banfi, The Mahogany Grill, or the John Thomas Steakhouse for an excellent meal. There are other restaurants in the area; however, these establishments have been taste tested and successfully reviewed by many happy eaters!

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