World’s Most Expensive Cocktail

It seems appropriate that a Guinness World Record for an exclusive alcoholic drink should come from the land best known for Guinness, although this thirst-quenching and wallet-emptying record is not for stout or beer, but for the world’s most expensive cocktail – and it could set back thirsty punters nearly $1500!

According to BBC Online, a Belfast hotel is waiting for confirmation from the world famous Book about its most extravagant tipple, which is about to go on sale to very wealthy drinkers for �£750 (over $1, 410) a glass.

The newly-built Merchant Hotel is located in the Cathedral Quarter of the city and has managed to acquire an extremely rare bottle of 17-year-old Wray and Nephew Rum, which is one of the key ingredients in a Mai Tai cocktail.

Roughly translated, Mai Tai means “Out of this world – the very best”, and it’s the rum that packs the biggest punch in the price tag. One of only six bottles in the world, it is mixed with fresh lime juice, and is then flavored and sweetened with Orange Curacao from Holland, and the subtle flavor of almonds from French Orgeat. The drink is then chilled with shaved ice, and served in a 15-ounce glass.

The hotel website says: “Those lucky enough to sample this cocktail have confirmed that it was worth every penny.”

There is a rival for the #1 spot across the border in the other Irish capital city, Dublin. Only thirsty beneficiaries of Ireland’s famed Celtic Tiger economy are able to afford this “Minted” cocktail – a vanilla and chocolate Martini – which can be found at the Mint Bar in the five-star hotel at College Green in the city center.

This delight costs 500 euro (about �£340 or $639) a shot and includes vanilla-infused vodka, 200-year-old cognac and flakes of 23-carat gold. It is served in a designer crystal glass, and comes with chocolate truffles served on the side.

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