Properly Store Raw Chicken

We all know that doing groceries in bulk can save us money. Many of these items that we buy are non perishable so they can be kept in open or in the refrigerator. However, there are always items that are perishable in nature and if not carefully stored, they become hazardous to our health.

Chicken is one such product that must be carefully stored when it is in raw form. Doing this is simple but it must be done in a timely fashion otherwise it will have to be discarded. If you are unaware of the proper method to store chicken, simply scroll down and follow our step by step guide which will help you understand how you can properly store raw chicken.


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    Avoid Exposure to Sun

    When you purchase it, try to save the chicken from being exposed to the sun or having to come in direct contact with the atmosphere for too long. The germs are always moving around and if it comes in contact with them, it can become unhealthy for consumption. Always keep it in its packaging before refrigerating.

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    Refrigerate it

    Make sure that as soon as you get back after doing your grocery shopping, you refrigerate your chicken. This will save it from the immediate danger of getting unhealthy for consumption. Make sure that it is bagged properly so that it does not come in contact with other food in its raw form.

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    Freeze it

    If you have to keep the chicken for longer period of time, you must freeze it. Chicken that is frozen can be fine for up to nine months. Make sure that it is properly sealed and if you have one of those vacuum sealing machines, use it. The low temperature in the freezer will help the chicken to stay free from germs over a long period of time and it will be fit for consumption once you take it out. Make sure that you freeze it in small portions so that once you have to take the chicken out; you do not need to defrost all of it but only the portion that you will be cooking. Defrosting and refreezing can damage the quality and put the chicken at a risk of becoming unhealthy.

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