How to Prepare Parrot Food Mix

Keeping pets at home requires you to pay special attention for their care. Feedings your pets is extremely vital and you have to be very selective in this regard. It is quite obvious that we don’t like to eat the same monotonous food every day. The same applies with your pets and you should bring variety in their diet. If you have kept parrots at home, you can arrange for a food mix to bring more variety in their diet. Making a parrot food mix isn’t a difficult job and won’t cost you much.


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    Parrots greatly like dried fruits and it is nothing short of a treat if you provide them with some. You can find a wide variety of dried fruits at your nearby grocery store. These fruits can be purchased separately or even variety bags, containing different dried fruits, are also available in the market.

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    Select the dried fruits which your birds like to eat. Make sure not to buy variety bags which contain avocados, as this dried fruit is lethal to parrots.

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    Parrots really like to eat almost all sorts of nuts, especially peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds. Purchase a stock of nuts for your birds from the local grocery store.

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    Seeds are other preferred food for birds. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are welcome addition to your parrots’ diet. You have to ensure you are purchasing ‘unsalted’ seeds for your birds, as a high-salt diet might not be good for your parrots.

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    Once you have bought the dried fruits, you have to shred them into smaller pieces, making it easier for your birds to gobble. Cut the bulky dried fruits into manageable pieces and this will reduce the wastage of the fruits and your money.

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    Now you have to make the food mix for your parrots after gathering all the ingredients. Take one cup each of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, an assortment of nuts and dried fruits. Put these ingredients into a gallon-sized plastic bag.

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    Now seal the plastic bag and shake it well. This will evenly distribute the ingredients within it and ensure that every portion of the food mix contains the desired variety. You can keep the plastic bag in the refrigerator and take out a small portion from it when needed to be fed to your parrots.

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