TiVo Versus Digital Cable

Remember the days when you had to drag out the 30 lb. Beta max? No? Okay, remember when you had to hook up the VHS and remember to rewind the tapes? No? Okay how about when you had to, oh never mind, it is obvious that technology is moving at the speed of, well, these days digital images. Of course this now brings us to the age of TiVo and digital cable but which is better?

TiVo believe it or not was the predecessor to digital cable even though it is digital cable to a degree. TiVo surfaced approximately 10 years ago with a very expensive service which allowed the television viewer to digitally record their favorite television shows. It has been refined since then and now you can program it to record the same show on the same night at the same time until you are 907 years old however it does have it’s downfalls such as hard drive space. You can’t exactly record forever, sooner or later you run out of space to put your shows thus making you have to dump some of them eventually.

Digital cable is a bit different and has a few more cons. DC allows you to watch shows when you want to however you still have to choose from the ones the cable company deems worthy of their viewing list. Until they come up with a system that allows you to access any show you want, you are a slave to someone else’s logic. Digital cable allows you to watch a show over and over again but only until the cable company decides to change the list which happens with no warning.
Either way both digital cable and TiVo have their downfalls. If you want to watch current shows on your time then either will work, but if you want to watch them nine months down the line you are, at least for now, still at the mercy of VHS or DVD.

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