Next Gen Gaming: New Gaming Accessories

As the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 appear on store shelves and in home entertainment centers, new gaming accessories quickly follow. Controllers and cameras are two categories in which both companies have excelled for the new generation, so take a look at the innovations in these input devices.

DualShock 4

The newest iteration of Sony’s DualShock controller makes many improvements upon the old DualShock 3 version. This new accessory made its debut alongside the PlayStation 4 release on November 15 th , 2013 in North America, and retails for $59.99 new. One of the biggest improvements is an increase in size, which was a noted problem with the older controllers in the line, but the tech additions make this controller stand out.

A touchpad is included on the face of the controller which is used to interact with the user interface and games. A share button allows users to easily record and share video of gameplay, while an included speaker and light bar up the ante to better incorporate the controller into gameplay with extra audio and visual effects.

Xbox One Controller

Microsoft upgraded their controller for the new generation, as well. The new Xbox controller ships with the console on November 22nd, 2013, and also retails for $59.99. While roughly the same size as the Xbox 360 controller, the new version does away with the protruding battery pack, leaving a smooth back to the controller, though you still have the choice of using batteries.

The controller features rumble triggers for extra feedback during gameplay and an improved D-pad for finer control. The thumbsticks are also differently textured so thumbs are less likely to slip.

PlayStation Camera

Releasing at the same time as the DualShock 4 and for the same price, the PlayStation camera is an extra accessory that is not a requirement for the console. The camera reacts both to your face and the controller while allowing voice commands for user interface control. It also allows you to stream your face alongside gameplay across game streaming services.


The Kinect is included in the $499.99 Xbox One bundle, as well as higher priced bundles. Due to its inclusion in the packaging, its features are very likely to be used by game developers in game designs for the console. The Kinect includes a camera and a microphone and provides many similar features as the PlayStation Camera. However, the Kinect works independently of the controller and does not require any controller input. It also recognizes voices and connects different voices to individual profiles on the console, allowing for easy switching between Xbox accounts.




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