Webwag as Your Ultimate Portal to the Web

Personalization and customization are the powerful forces for today’s web surfers and internet ‘dependents.’ Webwag.com is currently in its beta stages, but is geared to launch this September full of some promising web options. Portals to the web first gained in popularity with sites such as Yahoo! and MSN during the early internet years; they served as navigational homebases that linked the common internet user to the world wide web. Easy to use and chock full of current news and updates, portals serve as a great homepage for all levels of internet users.

Today’s customizable options let users add city and zip code information to receive local news directly upon login, as well as choices and options for favorite news, search engines, and other fun ‘gadgets.’ If you’ve got a favorite RSS feed-of-choice, add it to your tool bar or include it on your web portal homepage. If you want local weather, access to classifieds, or frequent updates on your stock portfolio, simply add them to your sign-in page.

Webwag.com hopes to conquer this need, and beyond. With a fresh and flexible format, the site offers extensive coverage of all of today’s top social networking sites as well. Add Myspace.com, Digg.com, and other feeds for direct and live updates in one place. The emergence of personalized start pages may quickly become a mainstay of internet behavior, and technology and media add-ons can only enhance the experience.

Webwag offers users a chance to add iTunes, play lists, blog readers such as Google reader and Bloglines, bookmarking sites, podcasts for classes, weather, your e-mail inbox, and even a task reminder. The appeal for this type of site will encourage the one-stop-shop mentality that is quickly growing in popularity across the internet. The surge of readership in blogs and RSS feed subscriptions still requires multiple site visits; with Webwag.com, delivery is available in one destination and is easily customizable.

Cross-platform media sites such as YouTube.com, Google News, and iTunes downloading networks usually count on multiple daily visits, or views. With the efficiency and ease offered by Webwag.com, one log-in provides easy access to all sites at your leisure! The preview lines give you the top 5-10 updates as a snapshot of the site.

Navigating the web is becoming easier, faster, and more efficient when vital information is available in one place. Regardless of innovations within each site (Google gadgets, for example), users cannot feel ‘out of the loop’ when updates are readily available. Webwag.com is leading the way in the next wave of internet search and functionality; a personalized portal to cater to every need and taste.

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