Tips for Cleaning Your Home with Vinegar

One of my favorite ways to clean is with white vinegar. Not only is it economical and a natural disinfectant, you also don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals. You will also be surprised to find that once it dries you won’t be left with a vinegar smell.

I keep a small bottle in my pantry for cooking and buy it by the gallon for cleaning. Go to the dollar store and purchase a few spray bottles, fill with half white vinegar and half water and keep one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom for quick clean ups.

Warning: Vinegar and water is all you need. Never mix with bleach as it is hazardous. Vinegar may not be suitable for all surfaces such as marble and other natural stone. If in doubt check with the manufacturer first.

In the laundry: Pour a half cup in the rinse water and you wont need fabric softener. Not only do your clothes come out soft but they will smell fresh. Again, don’t use bleach in the laundry or any time that you use vinegar because the two should never be used together.

In the kitchen: When my stove and counter tops get greasy the vinegar and water works great to clean grease and grime. Just spray it on and wipe down. Great for most sinks and countertops too.

Refrigerator: Use a solution of one part vinegar and one part water to wipe out the inside of your refrigerator then with water to rinse.

Coffee Pot: If your coffee pot is running slow from mineral build up just pour a cup of vinegar through it with a clean filter. Then run one or two pots full of water through. Check your owners manual first to make sure.

For floors: Use about a half cup to a gallon of water for floors. This works great for hardwood and laminate floors.

In the bathroom. Poor full strength in the toilet. Let stand overnight and then swish with a toilet brush and flush. Keep a spray bottle of vinegar and water under the sink for wiping down surfaces. Is your shower liner starting to smell? I find that spraying it with vinegar and water until I have time to replace it will take that smell away. Wipe down your shower with vinegar and rinse to get rid of soap scum.

As you can see vinegar can be used to pretty much clean your whole house. Save money and feel good knowing that you are not cleaning with harsh chemicals around your family.

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