Tomboy Tools: New Home Business Opportunity for Women

Time to rethink tools. Think pink. More and more women are picking up tools to get their do-it-yourself projects done. Tomboy Tools set out on a mission to empower women through education, providing tools to meet their needs, and offering a home based business opportunity. Add to their mission the fact that a percentage of their sales supports the Susan G. Komen Cure for Breast Cancer, and you have a perfect package for women who are ready to take on life with a hammer.

Tomboy Tools is also unique in other ways. You will not find Tomboy Tools in your local hardware store. Tomboy Tools hosts in-home Tool Party’s. Tomboy Tools home based business offers women an opportunity to start and grow their own business by becoming a Tomboy Tool representative. Representatives schedule Tool Parties with women willing to host them in their home. Like Pampered Chef, Home Interiors, and Mary Kay, Tomboy Tools depends on representative and hostesses to carry their business into neighborhoods across the United States.

According to Tomboy Tools their home grown business is growing faster than Pampered Chef. Since 2006, Tomboy Tools reports having doubled in size. Women are gathering at tool parties to learn how to use tools correctly, discuss do-it-yourself projects, and purchase Tomboy Tools designed for women. Representatives for Tomboy Tools guide the party. There are no high pressure sales, and the hostess earns credit toward her own purchases just for having a do-it-yourself party.

Tomboy Tools line of products includes kits for completing an entire DIY project like laying tile, hanging or repairing drywall, completing plumbing repairs, gardening, and more. Women can also purchase from Tomboy Tools line of hand tools, power tools, and specialty items such as pocket aprons and sturdy carrying bags. The tools are designed to be durable, yet lightweight and easy to use.

At a Tool Party, Tomboy Tools offer a variety of workshops which currently include:
Tool School 101
Faux Painting
Mosaic Tiling
Drywall Repair
How to use Power Tools
Basic Plumbing Repairs
Installation of Crown Molding

Tomboy Tools was borne of the do-it -yourself fanaticism of three women. They got together regularly to work on their own DIY concepts and decided other women might want the same kind of support for their projects and ideas. Some women also need a nonthreatening environment in which to learn to use tools correctly.

In 2000, these women launched Tomboy Tools as a way to educate and empower women, provide quality tools, and allow women a unique opportunity to make money from home. Tomboy Tool’s slogan is simple: Learn Today; Teach Tomorrow; Build Forever. Their aim is to teach women today, who will be able to teach women of tomorrow, which will continue to empower women forever.

Tomboy Tools has been featured on HGTV, NBC Nightly News, and will be featured in the October 2007 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. It is a unique and growing home business opportunity for women.

To learn more about Tomboy Tools visit the online store at The website also provides purchase, consultant, and hosting information.

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