Tips for Getting the Most from Your Kitchen Space

Are you really getting the most from your kitchen space? Efficient use of space can make the entire kitchen experience less of a pain and more of a joy. From cooking to cleaning up, you can improve the time spent in your kitchen by taking full advantage of every precious inch of space that most architects give you in a seemingly sadistic act of design. Unless you are among the very lucky few, you probably don’t have as much room in your kitchen as you’d like or need. These tips for getting the most from your kitchen may not seem like much individually, but implement as many as possible and you may be surprised at how inefficient your kitchen really is right now.

Glasses with a Base

Clear up some room inside your kitchen cabinets by storing glassware with a base in a way that takes advantage of spatial potential. This is a fancy way of saying that if you store every other glass upside down, you can fit more glasses within a single kitchen cabinet.

Counter Shelves

Buy or make some small shelves that can fit up against the walls of your counters. These shelves make a terrifically efficient storage location for smaller items like spice containers and low-volume canned foods, thus clearing space in your pantry or cabinets for the larger items you want to store.

Hidden Knives

Hanging sharp knives on the inside of an upper cabinet door clears room from your utensil storage area while increasing the safety of kitchens where children are present. If the cabinet door is located above the counter area where you do your cutting, you also increase the efficiency of retrieval.

Refrigerator Top

The top of the refrigerator often goes unused completely or is used inefficiently. Vertical dividers can be used for better storage of baking pans, serving trays, large platters and the like. Not only does this kitchen storage idea take advantage of the usually ill-used space on top of the refrigerator, but it keeps you from having to pick through the clutter of this type of cooking equipment. Reaching up for these usually light pieces of equipment is also more beneficial for the health of your back than bending over to pick them up from a bottom cabinet or drawer.

Dish Drainage

For the most efficient use of the space above your sink, install a dish rack directly above it. Save money by reducing the use of your dishwasher by quickly washing dishes by hand after each use and then store them in place in the rack above. The newly cleaned dishes will drain excess water directly down into the sink and air dry while the rack also serves as an easier way to retrieve dishes and clears up storage space in side a cabinet where you used to keep the plates.

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