Tips for How to Clean Your House in Under 30 Minutes

Cleaning is a necessary chore than almost everyone hates to do. But there is a way that you can clean your home in less than 30 minutes and then have the rest of the day to yourself. There is no need to spend hours cleaning your home and missing out of the fun things in life. Here are the tips to help you get done quickly.

The first thing to do is go through the house and de-clutter, gather up the things that are out of place and put them in the correct rooms. You don’t need to put them away just yet, just take the right rooms where they belong. This way you have cleared off surfaces so then you can clean faster. If you have dishes in the sink put them in the dishwasher and run them through a cycle. If you have a load a laundry ready to be washed, do the same with the washer.

The next step is to Spray down the surfaces with cleaning solution then let the cleaners do the work for you. If you spray the cleaners and then walk away they will do the work while you are doing something else. Then all you have to do is wipe it down and your done cleaning. Starting in one end of the house spray what you can while you dust, and vacuum the room. Once you are done dusting and vacuuming then all you have to do is wipe down the counters that you sprayed. After these rooms are done and you can move on to the next rooms. When you are in each room you will put the stuff away that you picked up when you de-cluttered the house.

The bathrooms are not as bad as you think, spray them down while you work in another room by the time you get to the bathroom the sprays would of worked and just wipe it down, and mop the floor and your finished with the bathroom.

The kitchen can be sprayed while you do an adjoining room and will be ready when you come back in the kitchen to finish. The last thing you will want to end with is mopping the kitchen floor after you grab your refreshment and head off to relax with a good book. It doesn’t take long to clean a house if you don’t have to do allot of scrubbing. With the cleaners now they will do the work if you let them and you can then relax more.

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