Tips for Looking Younger

We all want to look younger, to turn back time, and to slow down the aging process. Is there a way to do that? To a point, yes.

First, there are the simple steps we all know all ready that will slow down the aging process. Yes, you do. Just think about it. What do we need to do to feel good and be healthy? Those are the same things that can make us look younger and live longer, thus slow down the aging process.

Exercise. This doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym, although that option is a good one, too. If you don’t want to do the traditional exercise routines, try walking more, starting a hobby that you enjoy that requires you to move (gardening, golf (that means you walk the course, not drive it, tennis, hiking, etc.). Making love is even an exercise.

Eat right. Eat a well balance diet. That means eating less chocolate and more fruits and vegetables.

Drinking plenty of water. Some experts say eight glasses a day. Other experts say six a day will do. If you get bored with just plain water, add some lemon, lime or orange slices to your glass. You can even drink juices, just watch that sugar content. Water helps us to burn fat. Water also keeps our skin moisturized naturally and helps our hair from becoming dry.

Watch your stress level. No, you can’t avoid stress. Stress is an everyday part of life. But you do need to learn how to deal with it better. It causes worry lines, gray hairs and not to mention that it can lessen the number of days you live.

Use that sun block. Yes, the sun may feel good against our skin. But it ages us. It makes our skin look leathery. This is not a look most of us want. If you want to look a little browner, try some of those lotions that will slowly add a hint of color to your skin. They also usually have the added bonus as having moisturizers built within them.

Have a regular scheduled bedtime. Yes, mom knew what she was doing when we were kids and she made us go to bed on schedule. Our bodies like schedule. They perform better. This means you shouldn’t sleep in so late on the weekends, either. It throws off our body’s clock. Sleep is a time for our body to rest and to recovery. It is also the time for our minds to relax and dream. Dreams are good for us mentally, to release tension, to subconsciously deal with our problems, to let go. Most Americans only get about 5 hours a sleep a night. While many people can function on less than 8 hours, 5 hours is cutting it a bit short. Try your best to fit in 6 to 7 hours of sleep every night.

Learn to have fun. You know the old saying all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. She may not only be dull, she has no reason to want to live longer. Make time for yourself and your family.

What about taking antioxidants and vitamins? If they don’t interfere with any doctor medications, they may also help you live longer.

But following these small tips, we all know all ready, really is the best key.

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