Tips for Making Noodle Skeletons

This craft is one of the easiest to do. You can do this craft with children and there are no scissors involved. The only things that you will need are some different shape noodles such as macaroni noodles and you will want some beans and glue as well. You will want to purchase some dark colored construction paper. Avoid any paper that is light or white in color. The best color to use is definitely back construction paper. Make sure that you have some Elmer’s glue with you as well.

You will want to start out with the head of the skeleton. You will need a circular noodle or object to glue in this location. You will then want to start doing the backbone. You will use straight macaroni noodles. Make the backbone about two inches long. Then you can use macaroni noodles which come off of the backbone. You can create some arms and hands as well. You can use the beans as hands if you would like.

After you have created the backbone and the ribs, you will want to create the hip bones. You can use some beans for the hip bones. From there, you can create the leg bones. You can use smaller beans for the knee caps. You can also use beans for the feet as well. Make sure that you use enough glue. If you have waited about 3 hours and the noodles are starting to fall off, you will need to use more glue. You can gently pull off the noodles and glue them back on, one by one.

This craft is great for adults and children. If you work at a daycare center, this is a good craft to have all of the children enjoy. They can even take it home and show their parents. All you need is some noodles, construction paper, beans and glue. You won’t be using scissors, so no children will get hurt in the whole process. This craft will be fun and very inexpensive. You can purchase a thick packet of construction paper from any craft store. You can have the kids pick out the color that they would like to use. Make sure that you have the kids write their names on the back of the construction paper so that they can tell which skeletons are theirs. You don’t want them to all get mixed up. You can even hang all of them up for a couple days to show them off.

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