Tips for Packing the Garage when You Move

The garage is one of the prime dumping grounds of the home, particularly if you don’t use it to house your cars. Garages are notoriously difficult to pack because there are so many little items floating around — tools, nails, bolts and screws. When you start to pack the garage, you’re going to hate yourself for failing to be more organized, but you can remember this endeavor for your first few weeks in your new home.

Packing the Garage: Start Small

Packing the garage can be an overwhelming task, but you’ll have more success if you start small. For example, how do you currently organize your tools, nails, screws and other small objects that you use on a regular basis? If they are already kept in plastic containers or tubs, there is no need to transfer those items into moving boxes. If, however, they are scattered across the floor of your garage, you’ll need to find a way to sort them.

Packing the Garage: Use Appropriate Containers

Some things in your garage can be placed directly into a box while others should be protected by towels or cloths before being packed away. Make sure that you’ve labeled each container correctly and that you’ve used sufficiently large boxes to contain all of your items. You should also distribute heavy items among lighter items to make your boxes manageable. For example, you might want to put your drill in the same box with bags of nails and screws.

Packing the Garage: Protect Items from Spills

If you have items that might spill or leak onto your other possessions, such as cans of paint or bottles of paint thinner, you should protect your other items from those. You can put smaller bottles, canisters and jars in plastic bags and seal them, while things like paint cans will need to go into their own boxes as they are too large for plastic bags.

Packing the Garage: Drain Power Tools

Make sure that all of your power tools are drained completely — whether they use oil or gas — to prevent potential calamity. You should also make sure to dispose of oil or gas properly, so check with your state or county’s guidelines on that matter. You can pour gas into a canister specifically intended for that substance to be used at a later date, but make sure you pack it according to safety guidelines.

Packing the Garage: Bundle Long Utensils

Things like brooms, rakes, hoes, mops and other long utensils cannot be packed in boxes, so try bundling them with twine or bundling them in large drop cloths for transport. Make sure that the business end of these utensils cannot hurt anybody or anything during your move, and don’t hesitate to wrap the ends with added cushioning.

Packing the Garage: Clean All Items

Whenever possible, you should clean everything in your garage to make sure that it is appropriate for shipping. Caked dirt, mud and other substances can make moving a hassle and might contaminate other items in the moving van.

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