Tips for Preparing the Exterior of Your House for Winter

Entering the autumn season means it is also time to think about preparing the house exterior for the winter. Early autumn is the ideal time to check and inspect the outside of a house to prevent damage from hash winter conditions.

Check the roof at this time to ensure that there are no loose or missing shingles. Replace any evidence of bad shingles at this time. If you find weak boards it would be wise to replace this too. If you don’t feel you can handle this type of project hire a professional. Check around the chimney to see if it needs more sealant to prevent leaks into the structure. With the weight of snow in some regions and higher than normal winds the roof takes the biggest beating in the winter months. There is nothing worse than trying to fix a roof in the dead of the winter.

While up on the roof, that the time to do the gutter cleaning and repairing. Remove any debris or limbs that could be blocking the flow of the gutter. Take your garden hose and flush out the gutters and the drains. Check the brackets to make sure they are securely attached. The weight of the snow and ice could rip the gutters down if they are not fasted tightly.

Trim any trees that are hanging over the roof. Branches and larger limbs weighted down by the snow and ice could fall on the roof and create a lot of damage.

As you work your way down from the roof, inspect the siding of the house for any painting that needs doing. Paint works as a protective sealant to the exterior structure. With the cooler weather, this is a great time to paint as long as the weather does not drop below fifty degrees. Most paint will dry within a few hours so as long as the temperatures are right during the day, now would be a good time to do so.

Seal any cracks or openings in the house foundation. Patching and plugging holes can help with drafts and heating seepage. Varmints also like to come through these small openings to escape the winter conditions, fixing these openings can help with any unwanted guests.

Inspect the sidewalks and drive ways for cracks and small holes. Moisture getting into these cracks and holes can freeze and create further damage in the future.

Do not leave debris, such as leaves, packed up against the structure of your house; this debris can cause rotting to the structure of your house. This is also a calling to insects who would like to make a home in the debris as well.

After all the fun in the sun of the summer, now is the time to get busy to get your house prepared for winter.

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