Tips for Saving Your Property After a Fire

Apartments and homes can and frequently do burn down. Fires happen every day. Even with renters insurance covering the cost of most of the items damaged from a fire, you will have items that you wish to save, for sentimental value if nothing else. If you don’t have renters insurance, get it now. After a fire much of your property may be destroyed or damaged. Depending on the severity of the fire damage, some items may be saved. Here are some tips for ensuring you are able to save the maximum amount of your property that has been damaged in a fire.

Any clothing that was not destroyed by the fire will have a strong smoky smell that can be hard to get rid of, but not impossible. Febreze makes a laundry odor eliminator to use in addition to your laundry detergent that does a wonderful job of getting the smoke smell out of clothes.

Believe it or not, electronics damaged by water in a fire can be saved even after they have been sprayed repeatedly by water. If the electronic item, for example, a television, is still intact, but soaking wet. Do not attempt to turn it on. Turning the electronic item on while it is wet will likely short it out. Instead, let it sit for a couple of weeks, preferably in a warm, dry spot, such as the garage. Allowing the piece of electronics to dry will give you much better odds that it will someday turn back on and continue to work for you.

Wood Furniture
If it is real wood and not particle board, then there is a chance it can be saved. Particle board furniture will likely be ruined once the water hits the particle board it will swell out and become unusable. Quality hardwoods may have a chance. Dry them out as much as possible, but not out in the sun. Use a mild cleaner. This make take some time, but the wood furniture does have a chance of being saved.

Smoke residue
Smoke residue on household items can be cleaned with a solution of tri-sodium phosphate, or TSP, read the directions for safety, and this solutions will be a valuable tool in cleaning away the smoke residue that you will find on any item that you are able to save after a fire.

Wet books that are not burned from the fire, but rather damaged from the water can be saved by fanning them out in a well circulated area.

Depending on the severity of the fire there may not be much left to save, but using these tips will help you save what you can after a fire.

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