Tips for Storing Bed Linens in a Home Without a Linen Closet

A linen closet comes in very handy for storing everything from bath towels to sheets. However, when a house is lacking a closet especially for linens and bath items, it becomes necessary to find other locations for storage. Sheets do not have to be haphazardly folded and precariously stacked on bedroom closet shelves or stuffed into dresser drawers. Use these tips for storing bed linens in a home without a linen closet, and organize all of your bedding in neat and orderly way.

The Secret to Keeping Bed Linens Neat While in Storage

Folding bed linens is not easy, especially fitted sheets. No matter how much care is taken and how hard you try, they never look like they did when they were new. It does not matter if corners do not match up or if the fitted sheet is folded differently than the flat one. The secret to keeping bed linens neat when storing them in any location involves the pillowcases. Fold the flat and fitted sheets as neatly and as evenly as possible. Place them inside the matching pillowcase before putting them away. Besides keeping sets together, they will look much neater in storage, even if you have at least one linen closet.

Store Bed Linens in a Large Lidded Basket at the End of the Bed

A large lidded basket at the end of the bed is a fantastic alternative for storing linens in a home without a linen closet. Buy a stylish basket of the appropriate size, and after using the aforementioned method of keeping them in neat little packages, arrange them in the basket. Keep the off-season bed linens on the bottom, and place the most commonly used sets on top. If desired, tuck in a wrapped wax tart or a wrapped linen-scented bar of soap. They will smell as if they were freshly washed and line-dried when ready to use.

Use Under-the-Bed Containers with Lids for Storing Sheets

A linen closet for storing bed linens will not be missed if you have available space beneath beds. Buy under-the-bed containers with lids, and use them to hold sheet sets. A linen closet is never required. Place them under beds in every bedroom. They will be within easy reach, and they will make changing the linens easier than ever. Even if you have an extra closet somewhere in the home, it can be used in much better ways.

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