How to Clean an Enamel Kitchen Sink

My enamel kitchen sink becomes dirty very fast around my house. Between everyone eating all day long and the washing of dishes, my enamel kitchen sink stays dirty. Keeping it clean is a chore. Many household cleaners can be used to clean a enamel kitchen sink. I use many cleaners I have on hand to do just this. I use these tips to clean my enamel kitchen sink. Any of these cleaning tips can be used with a dishrag or toothbrush to get in around the kitchen sink faucets and drains.

Enamel Kitchen Sink Cleaning Product Tips

Scrubbing Bubbles

I use the same aerosol scrubbing bubbles used on the bathtub. I use the scrubbing bubbles on my enamel sink after we have been out doing yard work. This helps remove the dirt buildup from using the sink to wash our hands throughout the day. I spray the Scrubbing Bubbles in the enamel kitchen sink in the same manner as the bathtub, let set for a few minutes, wipe down, and rinse out.


I use vinegar, undiluted, around the drain areas of my double enamel sink to help keep the hard water build up down. Vinegar also helps keep the germs from drain area of the enamel kitchen sink down to a minimum. Vinegar also works well for the faucets and the area between the faucets and the kitchen sink. I use a toothbrush in this case to help with the cleaning process.

SOS Cleaning Pads

On occasions, my family will let some kind of food dry in the sink. This usually happens when I am away for the day. The SOS Cleaning pads can help rid the enamel kitchen sink of this stuck on gunk. The SOS Cleaning Pads can also help remove any rust stains that you may have in conjunction with the vinegar.

Dawn Dish Washing Detergent

After washing oily, greasy pans, I use Dawn Dish Washing Detergent to clean the kitchen sink. This helps remove the oily, greasy residue left behind when letting the water out of the sink. Dawn Dish Washing detergent can also help remove and clean any leftover residue from the dirty dishwasher in the enamel kitchen sink.

Soft Scrub

Soft Scrub is a mix of bleach, baking soda, and a few other cleaners that work well for cleaning a enamel kitchen sink without scratching. I have used this cleaning product often with a nylon scratcher to ensure that I have cleaned my kitchen sink well.

Soda Pop

Any left over soda that is on the verge of going flat can clean the interior of the kitchen sink without staining. The fizz and acid in the pop will help in riding the little nooks and crannies of the enamel kitchen sink. I especially do this around the drains of the kitchen sink. This will help clean the rim around the drain to rid it of the germs and little debris that your eye may not see.

These are just a few of the common and not so common cleaners that I use to clean my enamel kitchen sink.

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