Tips for What You Should Do when a Tornado Strikes

Tornados are extremely dangerous when they come and hit the ground. A tornado can bring terrible destruction to anything in it path. A tornado has the ability to flatten an entire town. If you have lived through a tornado you know the destruction a tornado can do.

If you find you are caught in the path of a tornado you had better get to a place of protection immediately. A tornado can move very fast so you have to move fast too.

When you are home you should make a plan for if you have a tornado. A storm cellar is a great place to go if you have a tornado. A basement can offer good protection from a tornado The basement is low in the ground so it offers some protection from the devastation of a tornado. Many people have survived a tornado by going to there basement. Once in your basement you should go the safest spot. Under a sturdy table is a good spot.

If you do not have a basement you can try to weather the storm in an inside room with no windows that can break and shatter glass. A bathtub can be a spot to go to in the event of a tornado or the inside of an overturned sofa.

It is best to look at your home and decide what the best place is to go to in the event of a tornado.

Before you do any outdoor activity it is a good idea to catch a weather report. But if you are outside and a bad storm is coming you should seek shelter. If you can not get to shelter the best thing to do is. to lie flat on the ground and cover your head with your arms and hands. It is not much protection but it may be the best you can do. If there is a low spot in the ground like a drainage ditch or a depressions it may be good to lie there unless it is flooding. Avoid seeking shelter in a vehicle.

You can see a tornado in the sky unless it is nighttime and the sky is very dark. A tornado can sound like a train is coming without a whistle blowing. Tornado’s are very loud so if you are ever caught in one you may have a very hard time communicating with anyone that you are with.

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