Tips on How to Install a Burglar Alarm

There are numerous kinds of alarm systems available in the market. These alarm systems, depending on the model are used for different establishments as their complexity depends on the establishment that these systems are going to be used. If an establishment has more entry points, the alarm system will have more complicated the electrical and electronic circuits. In most instances, complex alarm systems are setup in business establishments like departmental stores or jewellery shops. And the need for a more complex alarm system is higher for buildings like this than any others.

Most of our homes use simple alarm systems. In most cases, smaller homes use simple un-monitored alarm. These days, using alarm systems in homes has become very common as the homes and the persons residing in it also need protection.

The intruder detection or alarm systems may vary as per the task it is going to perform. For an instance, if a person wanted to detect smoke or fire, he may go ahead and install fire alarm system in his house. Each and every type of alarm system has a specific job to perform. And the most commonly used alarm system type is the burglar alarm system or intruder detection system.

These alarm systems may vary according to the size and shape of the building that these are going to be installed. Also, the installation complexity of these systems may very depending on the number of entry points to be monitored. Some of these systems may also be monitored by the police or transmitted to a telephone line.

As the installation of some alarm systems involves special procedures, only professionals can install them. As it is in many cases, the company from where an alarm system is bought is the one responsible for the installation of the alarm system.

Also, there are some alarm systems that can be installed by ourselves. These alarm systems are sold in kits that come with a detailed installation manual and these kits contain complete components that we need for the installation.

The following are few things to consider for a proper installation of an alarm system:

a. The first point is to note the number of entry points in the establishment. This will help us figure out how many sensors do we need to install in all these entry points. The entry points are not confined to doors and they can also be windows, fire exits etc.

b. The second point is the type of alarm system you brought. For example, the one you bought may be a burglar alarm or a combination of a burglar alarm and a fire alarm. The complexity of the circuit may depend on the number of sensors.

c. The next point is, the place where you will be setting up the control panel for this alarm system.

In the process of any burglar alarm installation, the first component to be installed is the buzzer or otherwise known as the bell. Take good care to decide where you want to place it. In most cases, the buzzers are located in places that can easily be seen. This will help to warn off any intruder intending to break into the house. When the buzzer is installed outside, you must make sure that it is protected from extreme heat or moisture. You can even arrange an enclosure like a box for the buzzer to protect it from any extreme conditions. Also make sure, that the buzzer is placed in a place that it can be heard loudly in all the directions.

Once the buzzer is installed, the next components that must be installed are the sensors or the switches. Take enough care to install the sensors in edges of the doors and windows. Make sure that the magnets and the sensors are not too far from each other so that the sensor will have enough magnetic field reception. Make sure not to put them too close to each other or else the powerful magnetic field may damage any of the tiny components in the sensor.

Take good care while mounting the wires and integrate the rest of the components to the control panel neatly. Before putting the system to service, test it for desired functionality properly by closing and opening the entry points. When ever a component does not work properly, make necessary adjustments so that the system does not have a weak link the protection chain.

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