Tips on Organizing Your Closet

It may sound strange, but organizing your closet can help you feel more organized and in control of your life. Many times we have a tendency to hold onto things that we should really get rid of, simply because we cannot let go. So, if you are having trouble with organizing your closet, here are some tips to help you out:

· Take Absolutely Everything Out of The Closet
The first step is to remove everything from your closet. Many people are surprised by the amount of stuff that they had in their closet once they have taken everything out. You really will be astounded at all the clothes that you may have forgotten about. Also, shoes, scarves, jackets and even books, are other items that you may have not remembered storing in your closet.
The benefit of removing all of your items is that you can give your closet a spring clean before you put selected items back in.

· Sorting Out The Best From The Rest
So, how do you sort out what you want to keep and what you don’t? Everything is in your closet for a reason; otherwise it wouldn’t be there surely? Well, while that may be partly true, there are some items that you will no longer need. For various reasons, clothing may stay in your closet untouched for years. Perhaps they were a gift, or they hold some kind of sentimental value. If this is true, there is no denying that you should keep some of them, only they should not be in your main closet. Your main closet should be for everyday wear and you should ask yourself whether you really like the clothes as you sort them out.
Knowing whether you really do like something is actually easy if you give it some thought. If you are truly honest with yourself, there will be items of clothing in your closet that you don’t care for any more. Also do they suit you? If they don’t suit you right now, then you should not hold onto them.

· Stop the ‘I Might Slim Down Into This’ Excuse!
Women use this excuse at one time in their lives. We all have clothes that we buy that we absolutely love. It may not fit us, but we swear we will slim down to fit into it. A couple of months go on and we still can’t fit into it, then a year passes by and surprise, surprise – the clothes still don’t fit. While they may be absolutely gorgeous, there is absolutely no point in keeping clothes that do not fit. So as hard as it seems, you have to be really ruthless and get rid of anything that does not fit and is not likely to fit you within the next couple of months.

Overall reorganizing your closet can be fun. The clothes that you get rid of can either be donated or perhaps sold online. After all, once you have made some space and gotten rid of things that you don’t wear, you can then go on a shopping spree and buy some more! It really can be a refreshing and life changing experience and it should be done at least once a year!

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