Tips on Talking to Your Family About Organ Donation

Organ donations are needed all around the world. There are many individuals who wish to have their organ donated; however, may times it is not done. This is because many individuals fail to take the proper steps when making the decision to donate their organs. The most important thing that an individual should do when they decide to donate their organs is make their wishes known to their family. The topic of death and organ donation is something that many families may not want to discuss; however, it is an important one that could literally help to save a number of lives.

When a person decides that they would like to donate their organs when they pass away it is likely that he or she will sign a consent form. Many state governments have state donation forms that can be used for an individual to give their consent to an organ donation should they pass away expected or unexpectedly. The most common way that individuals make their wishes of an organ donation clear is by checking the organ donation box on the back of their state driver licenses. While using these items to consent to an organ transplant is important it does not always guarantee that it will happen.

There are a number of hospitals and healthcare professionals all around the world who leave the final say up the surviving family members or the next of kin. This is difficult because many family members cannot bear to imagine their deceased loved one’s body tore apart even if it is for a good cause. Many people firmly believe in leaving the deceased to rest in peace. For this reason it is extremely important that individuals wishing to donate their organs speak to their next of kin and other family members. Speaking to multiple family members may prevent one distraught individual from making a bad decision at a stressful time. The more family members who know about an organ donation wish the more likely it is to occur.

There is really no easy way for families to discuss dying and the possibilities of organ donation; however, it is something that should occur. Due to accidental deaths it is something that should be discussed even before a sickness or old age arrives. Simply ask a few family members for a moment of their time and begin talking. The best way to bring up the topic is by mentioned wanting to do something good in life and mentioning that the something good may include organ donations. Individuals should be prepared to hear disputes from their family members, but it is important to not back down and try to make them understand your wishes.

Everyday there are around fifty to one hundred individuals who are saved by an organ transplant. Although a large number of lives are saved, it is still important to remember that about the same number of people die each day because they didn’t have an organ transplant. A body resting in peace is something that gives many families comfort; however, so should knowing that the organs of one of their loved ones helped to save another human life.

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