Top 10 Songs by Busta Rhymes

Ever since his first album, “Hi-Five,” Busta Rhymes has been entertaining his listeners with a flare that has never been matched. As a prominent presence in the rap world, Busta has undoubtedly used his clout to accelerate his game and accentuate his style. Over his career, he has never come to the recording studio without his innovative flavor. These Top 10 All-time Busta Rhymes songs are a testament to the flavor and originality that Busta Rhymes brings to every album, and hopefully he will continue doing so for years to come.

10. Flip Mode Squad – Busta Rhymes first brought us that fierce, tempered, highly-flavored rap game with this song. With his inimitable intonation and embroidered expression, Busta rapped about his “hardcore” mentality and his killer instinct. And in a song featuring Def Squad, Busta managed to stand out with his unheard of rhyming skills and quick tongue. It was this song that let the world know that we had never heard a rapper like him before.

9. The Body Rock – The Body Rock may not have infiltrated the clubs and bars, but it certainly entertained the bed rooms of Busta Rhymes’ fans. Coupled with Mase, Busta attached his speedy tongue to slow-temp beat which made listeners bob their heads and rock their bodies for the entire 4 minutes and 5 seconds.

8. Pass the Courvoisier – I lot of us remember this track for its video, but the song was just as entertaining. In fact, it was pure amusement as Busta demanded that his fans stand up and jump like knew his “joint” would make them want to do. This was one of Busta’s first songs that were fun to dance to. And he has been making us dance ever since.

7. Gimme Some More – In the song’s beginning we hear Busta say, “We’re gonna switch it on’emâÂ?¦cause if I ain’t gonna be part of the greatest, I gotta be the greatest myself.” The lyrics promote Busta’s willingness to pile the burden of success on his back, and he does it with a flare that only Busta can.

6. Dangerous – Busta let the world know just how dangerous the Flip Mode Squad and their powerful hits could be with this song. This was Busta’s most notable hit of the late 90’s, and to make it that way he introduced us to one of the funkiest beats ever known to mainstream hip-hop; I guess you could say that made detach him from the mainstream. His rapid rapping and ability to rhyme any word with another, while still making sense, was a skill we didn’t know could be done at that level until Busta came out with this one.

5. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See – Another song and yet another unprecedented beat from my man Busta Rhymes. When Busta said “There ain’t no comparin’ us,” he had to have been referring to his lavish lifestyle, which he claimed was unparalleled. And if you have seen Busta in his element, you would probably agree with him. The songs’ documentation of his standard of living wasn’t the usual talk about diamonds and cash money, but more about his newfound status and reputation. He was proud of the level his work had attained, and he wasn’t afraid to talk about it.

4. What’s It Gonna Be – Coupled with JanetJackson, and faced with dealing with such a high profile superstar, Busta stayed true to his technique. He offered up the same flavor and flash that he does in all of his pieces. However, most people remember the expensive, high-tech, music video for this song, where Busta was dressed in flashy garb and Janet wasâÂ?¦well barely dressed.

3. In the Ghetto – A relatively new song that in my mind, soars right to the top of Busta’s greatest. It was actually recorded years ago when Busta and Rick James agreed to do a compilation together. The song takes Busta back to his roots, Brooklyn, New York. He tells the truth about the daily routine of growing up in the ghetto and he raps about how the struggle is the beauty of it all. This is probably one of his most socially focused songs, and it was well overdue for a rapper of such distinction.

2. One – An exceedingly unheralded song, “One” is one of my favorites because it is one of Busta’s first love songs, and every rapper needs to show his softer side. Erykah Badu was featured in this song, and quite frankly, she’s like the Busta Rhymes of the R&B world. Her unique voice and street savvy, coupled with Busta’s fluid rhymes and inimitable vocalizations, this love song had a twist that only a true love of hip-hop could produce.

1. Woo Hah! Got You All in Check – When Bust first came out with his “Hi-Five” album, everyone was saying “Who the heck is that guy?” But after the world was introduced to Woo Hah, I don’t think anyone doubted this man’s talent ever again. The accentuation of his rhymes, the unique style of speech and the catchy beat made this hit-making song a multi-faceted masterpiece. Busta let people know he had people all in check and that he was very serious about his intentions. The one thing that every successful rapper in this age has is a blaring confidence that they are willing to demonstrate over and over again in their songs. I think talking about knocking people out, producing hits, and demanding respect, along with holding everybody in check, qualifies as demonstrating confidence.

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