Top 10 Songs by Depeche Mode

When you think of Depeche Mode you probably think of their hit song People are People. Radio stations tend to play this particular Depeche Mode song more than any of their other songs. It’s unfortunate, because Depeche Mode has recorded many other songs that are worth playing.

Depeche Mode’s Music

I once worked with a guy who was so emotionally affected by Depeche Mode’s music that he became preoccupied with finding the woman at work who had a Depeche Mode bumper sticker on her car. Depeche Mode’s music is indeed emotional, sensual, suggestive and even intoxicating. Many of the lyrics by Depeche Mode conjure up scenarios of submission and domination, physical desire and sexual longing.

Depeche Mode: The Band

Depeche Mode describes themselves as a “subversive electronic pop group.” Their music has also been described as alternative dance or alternative rock, new wave, post-punk, new romantic and “synth” pop. Their early sound morphed from dance-pop into a darker and more melancholy musical place. They have been compared to Yaz and Erasure. The are usually categorized with The Cure, Duran Duran, Human League, OMD, and New Order.

Their seems to have been a revoloving door of band members in Depeche Mode. First Vince Clarke (songwriterr) left Depeche Mode immediately following their 1981 debut. Aland Wilder, another key musician left the band after their eigth album. And yet another member became an addict and was suicidal. And the band played on. Desptie these setbacks, Depeche Mode, which currently consists of Martin Gore, Dave Gahan Andrew Fletcher, continues to make music.

Accoring to Martin of Depeche Mode, the theme of their most recent studio album, Playing the Angel (2005), is “Anything that appeals to really dysfunctional people.” However Martin adds “I never see our music as over-dark. There’s always an element of hope. And I hope that comes over in the music (Depeche Mode press).

It is just this fusion of hope and brooding, as well as their overtly sexual lyrics that make Depeche Mode a captivating band.

Top 10 Songs By Depeche Mode:

1. Dream On. This Depeche Mode tune is just one of many songs about desire, in this case, unfulfilled desire.
“…You can scratch all over
But that won’t stop you itching…”

2. Walking in My Shoes. Just when you think Depeche Mode songs cannot be any more provocative, they sing this”

“…But the Lord himself would blush
The countless feasts laid at my feet
Forbidden fruits for me to eat
But I think your pulse would start to rush…”

3. When the Body Speaks. This top song by Depeche Mode is an intimate ode to giving in to physical desires at the paradoxial urging of and detriment to the soul.
“…Oh I pray too much
To the soul’s desires
The body listens
What the flesh requires
Keeps the heart imprisoned…”

4. I Feel Loved. Depeche Mode also sings about the satisfaction of emotional and physical fulfillment:

“…From the depths of my emptiness
Comes a feeling of inner bliss
I feel wanted, I feel desired
I can feel my soul on fire…”

5. World in My Eyes. Depeche Mode sings about living in the moment of sexual exploration.

“…Nothing more than you can feel now
That’s all there is…”

6. Never Let Me Down Again is another top song by Depeche Mode about domination and submission.

“…I’m taking a ride
With my best friend
I hope he never lets me down again
Promises me I’m as safe as houses
As long as I remember who’s wearing the trousers…”

7. Personal Jesus.

8. Freelove. This is another Depeche Mode song about sex, but this time without any emotional attacment.
“…No hidden catch
No strings attached
Just free love…”

9. Master and Servant. There is no mystery to the lyrics of this top song by Depeche Mode. This hit song in the U.S. was even banned by some radio stations for its subversive sexual theme.

“…Its a lot like life
This play between the sheets
With you on top and me underneath
Forget all about equality…”

10. Strangelove is yet another Depeche Mode song about sexual submissivness.

Enjoy these top 10 songs by Depeche Mode, or sample other tunes from their decades of music-making history.

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