Top Ten Songs by the Strokes

The Strokes pretty much came out of nowhere in 2001 and were perhaps the most popular out of the garage rock revival bands and the “The” bands that persisted in that time period. They’ve probably remained the most successful band out of that category due to their distinct sound and catchy melodies. Here are my top ten songs by The Strokes.

10. “Someday” off of Is This It
This song is just ridiculously catchy. Like practically all of the stuff off of Is This It, the song is rather simple but it doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of it. The guitar and bass have some really good interplay here and it’s just a upbeat song.

9. “Automatic Stop” off of Room On Fire
This is the only song off of Room On Fire which was not completely made by Julian Casablancas. Albert Hammond Jr, The Strokes’ lead and rhythm guitarist, co-wrote it and it’s no surprise that it has some of the catchiest guitar work in their entire discography.

8. “Under Control” off of Room On Fire
One of the slower ballad-like songs by The Strokes, “Under Control” has The Strokes’ put the guitar in the forefront. It’s a very peaceful kind of song and has a nice transition where the music stops for a second but then the drums kick in and everything is right back to normal.

7. “Hard to Explain” off of Is This It
“Hard to Explain” was the first single from The Strokes and really got the hype for them growing. With a very unique and upbeat drum beat and fuzzy guitar effects, this song alone nearly put The Strokes at the forefront of the garage rock revival.

6. “Heart In A Cage” off of First Impressions of Earth
The song was the second single off of their latest album and it’s up here due to its extremely catchy chorus and melody. The song is less upbeat and more serious than most songs by The Strokes, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

5. “Last Nite” off of Is This It
This is one of the most popular and recognized songs by The Strokes due to its simple yet catchy beat. The music video and radio play really helped catapult the band’s popularity. It also has an classic guitar rock style solo from Albert Hammond Jr.

4. “On The Other Side” off of First Impressions of Earth
The song starts off with a catchy bassline and it never looks back. The entire song is ridiculously catchy and it’s very fun to sing along to. It also has some of my favorite lyrics by The Strokes, as it shows their humorous side.

3. “Ize of the World” off of First Impressions of Earth
Frankly I’m surprised that this song hasn’t been released as a single to promote the new album yet. Although there are some great guitar solos from both of The Strokes’ guitarists and some catchy melodies, the song actually has a heavy sound to it due to its topic of mortality.

2. “12:51” off of Room On Fire
This was the song that proved that The Strokes were not just kidding around and were really here to stay. The song’s rather short but still incredibly catchy. There are some nice guitar effects and wonderful hand-clapping beats that make this one worth checking out.

1. “Reptilia” off of Room On Fire
“Reptilia” was a popular single off of The Strokes’ second album. There’s a very cool transition which only features the guitar and then it jumps into all instruments creating a delightful mix of melody. The song also a great guitar solo and a melody that just makes you want to sing along.

The Strokes have consistently come out with strong albums while still growing and maturing as a band. They’re currently touring throughout the United States and will actually be opening for Tom Petty at some shows.

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