Top 10 Songs by Shania Twain

Whether you are a fan of country music or not, everybody seems to know who Shania Twain is. Her life and career is an interesting story and one that is almost as well known as her songs. She is a true rags to riches international superstar. She is the highest selling recording artist of all time for any genre and that puts her in the company of the likes of Elvis and The Beatles. With so many musical artists out there in so many different genres, this is truly astounding.

Shania Twain started her musical career at the tender age of 13 when she was invited to perform on CBC on the Tommy Hunter Show. In high school, she was the lead singer in a band called Longshot. Shania Twain spoke numerous
times on how poor her family was while she was a child. Often, before the age of 13, her mother would send her out to sing in bars and clubs to help bring in the money. She stated that even though she didn’t have much in her lunch box, she acted as though she wasn’t from a poor family so nobody knew at the time how hard it really was for them.

Her parents (mother and adoptive step father) were killed in a car accident in 1987. This forced Shania to stop her aspirations of a singing career to care for her younger siblings, two brothers and a sister. She moved them to Huntsville, Ontario where she supported them all as a singer at a local resort. It wasn’t until 1991 that she was invited to do a demo tape after entertainment lawyer, Dick Frank, heard her sing.

She signed her first recording contract with Mercury Records in 1991 and changed her name to Shania. Her birth name was Eilleen Regina Edwards and was later changed to Eilleen Twain after her parents separated and her mother married Jerry Twain.

Her debut album, which was self titled, didn’t do well at all. It wasn’t until her second album, “The Woman In Me” that her career really started taking off. Songs such as “Any Man Of Mine” and “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under” made the public and radio take notice of her. It’s been a wild ride since.

While composing this article, I found it a little difficult to come up with the top 10 songs by Shania Twain. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, while she started out as a country singer, Shania Twain’s recordings are also remixed to cater to the pop music fans which give two albums with the same name and same songs. Second, because she is an international superstar, some of her top songs were number one in different countries.

An example is the 1998 hit “You’re Still The One” which was number one in the U.S. and Australia while the 1998 hit “Honey, I’m Home” hit number one in the U.S. only. Due to this, the top ten list by this versatile and very popular recording artist will vary depending on where you are. For the U.S., just because a Shania Twain song didn’t make the official top ten lists certainly doesn’t void it from the list of this author.

10. Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under from the album The Woman In Me. 1995

9. Any Man Of Mine from the album The Woman In Me. 1995

8. No One Needs To Know from the album The Woman In Me. 1995

7. Love Gets Me Every Time from the album Come On Over. 1997

6. Don’t Be Stupid from the album Come On Over. 1997

5. You’re Still The One from the album Come On Over. 1997

4. From This Moment On from the album Come On Over. 1997

3. Honey I’m Home from the album Come On Over. 1997

2. Up from the album Up. 2003

1. It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing from the album Up. 2003

Taking the time to read the fascinating biography of this international superstar, you’ll soon find out that there is more to Shania Twain than a pretty face and great music. There is a story there. If it were a book, it would be a page turner. Knowing the background of your favorite artists makes appreciating the music all that much more enjoyable.

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