Top 10 Songs by Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw released his first album in 1993. Thirteen years later, he is one of the hottest country stars ever. In total, there are 10 albums, Tim McGraw, Not a Moment Too Soon, All I Want, Everywhere, A Place in the Sun, Greatest Hits, Set This Circus Down, Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors, Live Like You Were Dying, and Tim McGraw Hits vol 2 Reflected.

In 1995, All I Want was released and “I Like It, I Love It” was everywhere. It spent five weeks at number one, was certified platinum, and was featured in “Something To Talk About” with Julia Roberts. A great country song, it is about how quick you can fall for someone and not be able to get enough of them.

Everywhere was released in 1997, and contained five number one singles. The best of these was “It’s Your Love” which featured Tim’s wife, Faith Hill. “It’s Your Love” was number one for six weeks. It’s an incredible love song about someone you love bringing out the best in you, and Tim and Faith bring out the best in each other.

Everywhere was also voted CMA’s Album of the Year in 1998, partly because of “Just to See You Smile”. “Just to See You Smile” was also number one for six weeks, and spent forty-two weeks total on the charts. It’s about a man who will do anything to make sure the woman he loves is happy, even if it means giving her up.

A Place in the Sun was released in 1999, and was CMA’s Album of the Year for the same year. “Something Like That” spent five weeks at number one. It’s about first love and always remembering them. When you see them again, for aminute, it seems like yesterday.

“My Next Thirty Years”, also from A Place in the Sun, spent six weeks at number one. It’s about when you turn 30, starting to think about what you want to do and be the next thirty.

Off of Tim’s 2000 Greatest Hits albumcame the smash hit, “Let’s Make Love” again with Tim’s wife, Faith Hill. The song was also on Faith’s album, Breathe. It is one of the best love songs of all time and it is about exactly what the title suggests.

Set This Circus Down came out in 2001and the first single, “Grown Men Don’t Cry” became the fastest rising single of Tim’s career. It’s about how people say grown men don’t cry and the things that can actually make them cry. It is a very touching song.

The second single from Set This Circus Down, “Angry All the Time” spent three weeks at number one. It’s a very powerful song about the dissolution of a relationship. It tells about when it has gotten so bad that one is angry all of the time and the other just can’t take it anymore.

Live Like You Were Dying came out in 2004. The title song was the number one single for ten weeks, and was CMA’s Single & Song of the Year in 2004. It has been played on country music and pop radio. It is about someone who thought they were going to die and became the person they always wanted to be because of it.

The last song in my top ten is also a duet, but not with Faith Hill. It is “Over and Over Again” with hip-hop artist Nelly. It can be found on Tim’s Greatest Hits vol 2 Reflected and Nelly’s 2005 album, Sweatsuit. It was a smash hit on both country and pop charts. It’s simply about not appreciateing the person you have and when they move on, you regret it and it hurts to think about their new life. It is a truly awesome song with two artists who no one would have ever thought would collaborate.

Tim McGraw continues to release hit after hit, always making fans look forward to the next one. He truly is a music icon.

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