Top 5 Brands of Counter-top Convection Ovens

Are you contemplating the purchase of a small convection oven? If so, I happen to know of a few that you may want to consider. I find them to be the best of the bunch. Here they are:

Waring Pro

I adore the convection oven by Waring Pro. It works like a champion when it comes to baking 12-inch pizzas and bagels. What I like about it is that it cooks fast, uses little electricity and is easy to clean. At 14.5″ deep x 17″ wide x 10.75″ tall, it doesn’t take up much counter space either. The only downside is that the exterior can get really hot to the touch, so you’ll want to use it in an area that is away from anything that might melt. It tends to retail for $80.


The 12 inch counter-top convection oven by KitchenAid is another model that I would recommend. It is 20.8″ deep x 16.18″ wide x 11.3″ tall, so it takes up a bit more room than some of the other convection ovens on the market place. Because of the increased height, I found it super for baking multiple trays of cookies at one time. It generally sells for $130.


Another brand of convection oven that I would recommend is DeLonghi. I am a fan of the company’s EO1270 model because it has a defrost setting. Not all convection ovens have such a setting. I have found that the DeLonghi does better at defrosting items than some microwaves. It tends to defrost the food evenly instead of leaving cold spots. Of course you can also use it to bake and toast. It is 15.31″ deep x 18.75″ wide x 9.38″ tall. Despite the dimensions, it can still accommodate a 12-inch pizza. It usually retails through most home improvement stores for around $120.


In my opinion, Breville also makes a wonderful counter-top convection oven. It is 18.5 inches deep and over 16 inches wide. It stands slight over 14 inches tall. What sets the oven apart from the others are two features; an internal sensor and a magnetic baking rack. The internal sensor helps when you are unsure of how long to leave something in the oven. Convection ovens work a lot faster than conventional ovens, so sometimes it is hard to tell on your own how long something needs to cook. The magnetic baking rack is cool because it automatically slides out when you open the door. As such, you don’t have to worry about sticking a pot holder into the oven in order to pull out your baking pan. The downside is that you will pay dearly for such conveniences. The oven typically retails online for $380.

Hamilton Beach

Based on my experience, the counter-top convection oven by Hamilton Beach is ideal for those on a tight budget. It retails online for approximately $90 and will bake two 12-inch pizzas in a pinch. It is 21″ deep x 13.5″ wide x 12.5″ tall. Personally, I like that it comes with a rotisserie skewer. The skewer comes in handy when you want to roast a small chicken or a Cornish game hen.

Killeen Gonzalez has a history of purchasing kitchen appliances with her family.

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