Top 5 Ways to Make Your House an Energy Conserving Green Home

Many people are searching for ways to make their house green in order to save the environment. They also want the added benefit of lowering their bills. The best ways to do that is to come up with five ways and to dedicate yourself to them. This means once you start you will not turn back on your word.

If you want to maximize the natural heating potential in your home, you should build a solar wall. It is not necessarily hard to do once you learn. It can be time consuming, but it will be well worth it. If you have the money you can always buy a professionally made solar wall. Solar walls can produce up to 30 years of free heating according to SolarWall. There may also be a large chunk in tax rebates or incentives waiting for you because it saves so much energy. The most ironic thing about a professional solar wall is that it can actually decrease the work the air condition has to do by also blocking heat in cooler seasons.

The second way is equipping your home with a solar panels. With enough panels this can power an average home. Those type of applications are an electric companies worst nightmare. At times like these though it may actually release a heavy burden off of electric companies. Keep in mind that solar panels do not generate as much electricity as your local electric company. Current solar panel technology may not be suitable for very large houses or average houses that use a great deal of energy. Future versions may be suitable, but they haven’t been released yet.

The third way to be green and to save money is to use recycled material when you are replacing or fixing something in your home. Many people do not like the idea of used things. If you want to get technical everything on the planet has been used and reused over millions of years. You may be drinking liquid that was once part of dinosaur blood. Everything has to be recycle in one way or another, so why not start recycling earlier to reduce cost and pollution.

The fourth way is to get an electric heater. Gas heaters may be more of comfortable and nice, but gas is not nearly as abundant as electricity. Gas is become very limited in supply. To the best of our knowledge electricity is infinite. Gas heaters will most likely quadruple your gas bill with the current state of gas supply.

The fifth way is to replace all of your conventional incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lightCFLsbs. CFLs are those light bulbs that are usually spiraled in shaped. The use only about 1/5 of the energy of the conventional bulbs. They also can generate almost identical amount of lighting in most cases. If you replaced your entire house with these bulb, you would see an immediate change on your electric bill.

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