Benefits of Metal Roofing for Your Home

If you are serious about protecting your family and home from the harsh elements of nature choosing the right roof should be too. New metal roofing is hard to distinguish from conventional roofing and now provides more durability and longer lasting protection than ever before. Metal roofs are all generally lighter, but the new technology has improved strength and stability among the many numerous benefits. Although asphalt is by far the most popular choice in the US and Canada, steel roof installations have more than doubled in the last 5 years.

Due to natural disasters like mudslides, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other stormy weather situations many people are now taking a new look at metal roofs. As natural disasters become more of a realistic threat people seem to be noticing that steel roofs are not suffering as much damage as asphalt. As more people start to realize all the other benefits of metal roofing they too will want one. Of course the standard metal roofing with conjoined panels is still available, but technology has come a long way from the rusty barn lid so why not upgrade?

The look, durability, and strength of metal roofing have dramatically changed over the last five years due to improved production methods and better products. With a new metal roof you can transform the look of your home choosing from many styles, textures and colors. From stone coating, to acrylics, wood or tile like you can have any type of roof you want. Today’s metal roofs are sure to fit right in with your homes existing architecture and style. You can choose metal roofing that looks like shingles, Decra tile, Tudor slate, or even Terne metal.

Each roofing slat is coated with layers of protective barriers which lock out moisture, water, and block harmful UV rays. The base begins with structural grade steel and then is sprayed with an alloy zinc coating. Then there is usually an acrylic primer, followed by a base coat, and bonding agent. Finally the steel is sprayed with an outer coating that creates architectural appeal. Today’s new metal roofing is made to be long lasting and maintenance free. Most new metal roofs have a 50 year warranty so you won’t have to keep worrying about the roof repairs every 10-15 years.

New metal roofing can also increase your homes value and lower your home insurance premiums. Not only are metal roofs good for protecting your home from the elements of nature but they also help insulate the home in winter and reflect heat in the summer, lowering heating and cooling costs. New metal roofing is very durable and is guaranteed not to chip, break, or crack.

As metal roofs become more and more popular they are beginning to pop up all over the US and Canada. In the northeast the new metal roofing made for easier snow removal and in Texas it helps protect the home from hail. On the West Coast the light weight, strong roofs are popular because of dangerous mudslides and earthquakes. In the Southeast Region the metal roof is popular because it can stand up to hurricane force winds and tropical weather. Most new metal roofing is approved to withstand winds above 100 MPH.

It may be hard to forget about the old rusty, corrugated tin roof or ala summer camp style roofing, but today’s technology has really come a long way. Most people put metal roofs on barns but those are the days of the past! A new roof is an investment not just a repair. For a new metal roof you can expect to pay an up wards of $25,000USD, including complete installation. But, if you think about how long it lasts you really are saving money in the long run. Most metal roofing, depending on the amount and style you choose will cost between $400 and $500 per square foot.

In the past there has been a lot of negativity toward using metal roofing on a house. Most people think that it is cold or hot, loud when it rains, and eventually gets rusty. But none of these things are true of new metal roofing. The durable layered coating protects the metal from disintegrating. When new metal roofing is installed it is often installed over asphalt so it actually doesn’t increase the amount of noise, or it is installed with several inches of insulation underneath it. Metal roofs don’t increase the likeliness that your home will be struck by lightning either, but do offer more protection if you were. If lightning were to strike your home the energy would be dispersed instead of catching fire.

Many people these days are investing more money than ever into their homes and roofing is seeing benefits because of it. If you want a worry free roof for many years all you have to do is choose metal. For pictures of different styles and more information you can visit these following metal roofing retailers:

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