Top 8 Thanksgiving Day Safe Cooking Tips for Teens

During my tenure as a professional live-in foster care parent, one of my objectives was to teach teenagers how to prepare and cook meals the safest way possible. My love affair with holiday cooking began when I was a teenager. Taking notes on how my grandmother meticulously prepared Thanksgiving Day meals for the entire family — inspired me to teach teens how to cook holiday meals. Teenagers are more receptive about learning how to cook when instructed on the basic techniques, thus, moving on to more difficult cooking will become elementary in time.

1. Make a Safe Thanksgiving Day Checklist

No meal can be complete without a Thanksgiving Day checklist for teens preparing their very first holiday feast. Thanksgiving Day checklists help teens learn organizational skills — while shopping for holiday food items.

2. Safe Time Management

Organization is the key element relating to time management. Food shopping for Thanksgiving Day dinner is the second most important stuff teens need to know about arranging a great meal.

3. Organizing the Meal

Like most Thanksgiving Day meals — organizing the meal is the third most important task to be completed. Teens take pleasure entertaining when adults assist them in completing a task. Much of organizing a great Thanksgiving Day meal is having the right mix of food items that teens can create without feeling overwhelmed.

4. Safe Cooking Skills go A Long Way

My grandmother taught me one invaluable skill; cooking safe in the kitchen is a top-priority to avoid premature injuries. Cooking skills are life skills that teens need to develop in order to prepare a safe Thanksgiving Day meal. Safe cooking skills involve cutting vegetables, removing food from tin cans, using a cheese grater, using scissors for trimming greens and other roughage.

5. Cleanup as You Cook

Safe cooking practices involve cleanup as you cook. Teens can learn to prepare a Thanksgiving Day meal by practicing cleanup techniques that will become a part of their holiday routine.

6. Gas versus Electric Safe Stovetop Cooking

Teens need direct instruction when cooking with gas. All gas stovetop ranges pose a problem when cooking a Thanksgiving Day meal. Teaching teens temperature control while cooking on a gas range — begin with boiling vegetables and macaroni properly. The labor to teach and instruct teens to sautÃ?©’ gravies and basting techniques is an invaluable lesson in the finer art of cooking on a gas range. The electric range is a safer alternative than cooking with gas. The electric range has no flame that can distract the teen while cooking.

7. Seasoning Foods Safely

Over seasoning ruins food, this is the most important cooking tip that a teen will need to know when preparing a scrumptious Thanksgiving Day meal. The right combination of seasoning adds flavor to foods. The best teacher, is, let the student taste test their food incrementally, at the same time — as placing the final touch on a masterpiece.

8. Temperature Control and Cooking Safe

The most beneficial techniques teaching teens to cook safe is temperature control. The art of cooking a great Thanksgiving Day meal is to ensure meats, roast, and grilled foods get the proper attention they deserve. Poking the meat is a cardinal sin that teens need to avoid at all cost. The use of a meat thermometer may not be the best teaching tool for teens. Baking meats take on a special need. Attention alert for teens when cooking a Thanksgiving Day meal does not have to be an arduous task. Teaching teen’s temperature control is the final chapter in creating a memorable safe Thanksgiving Day dinner.

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