Top Digital Cameras for Professional Photo ID Cards

Professional photographs are the cornerstones of a professional photo ID card system, and digital cameras are a great choice for those interested in high-quality images and fast processing times.

Like all camera types, there are many different models to choose from and numerous options as far as features go. Below are some of the best cameras that combine the most necessary features to give your ID cards a well-done and professional look.

Logitech ClickSmart 310 or 420 USB Camera

Highly versatile, the Logitech ClickSmart 310 USB Camera and the Logitech ClickSmart 420 USB Camera are ideal for many uses, both with and without the computer. As USB compatible cameras, they function as video cameras to capture images instantly and download them into your computer as you take the picture.

You can also use the ClickSmart as a digital camera because of its internal memory function. This camera is excellent for use in all lighting situations; even in the dimmest lighting it takes clear, sharp images.

These cameras are characterized by one-click downloads onto a PC, a monochrome liquid crystal display, a still image resolution of 640×480, a ten second self timer, a high-quality CIF CMOS sensor, and a 2MB SDRAM (310) / 8 MB SmartMedia memory card (420).

One has a multi-snap mode (the 420), and both cameras take up to thirty frames per second, store up to forty pictures at the highest resolution, have a tripod socket and adjustable swivel base, a video capture resolution of 176×144, and a forty degree field of view (f2.4). In addition, the 420 package usually comes with complete editing software.

Imago Digital Video Camera

The Imago Digital Video Camera is ideal for businesses and individuals who want a quick, high-resolution camera at the most reasonable price. Equipped with the one click feature of the Logitech ClickSmart Camera, the Imago is small, efficient, and easy to use.

Created specifically to the needs of digital photo ID card users and manufacturers by AlphaCard, the Imago has everything you need in professional photo ID card camera. With plug-and-play support compatible with Asure ID software, the Imago is intuitive and learning to use it is easy for anyone, even the most neophyte of photo ID card users.

Simple and efficient, this camera is not only affordable, but produces high-quality photo images that are clean and true to the captured image.

Remember that these are only a few of the available models out there. When buying your camera, always keep in mind your budget and the needs of your company. In some cases, the simplest, most inexpensive camera may be more than adequate; in others, a luxury model may have the special features you really want.

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