Top Dishwasher Products Under $1,000

In addition to our new refrigerator, we were forced to purchase a new dishwasher recently. This is great because it gives me the opportunity to personally review the new appliance and let everyone know just how well it rates. For our personal needs, we chose the GE Profile, model PDW9280LSS. It is a twenty four inch built in dishwater that is also the ever popular Energy Star qualified model. This model is a beautiful stainless steel, which ultimately adds beauty and d�©cor to our kitchen.

This model is thirty four and three quarters in height by twenty four inches wide and twenty four inches deep. Remember to measure your space before purchasing a new appliance! One of the beautiful things about this dishwasher is the outward design, which consists of the stainless contour door and stainless sculptured handle. The controls on this model are hidden inside the top edge of the door of the dishwasher, which makes the unit look even more sleek. The electronic controls are light touch controls, which make selections easy as one-touch. One of the features on the control panel is the Delayed Start option, which allows you to set your dishwasher to commence the wash cycle in two, four or eight hour

Once you have opened the dishwasher, you will find ample room for all of your washing needs. There is a huge washing tub area with maximum capacity nylon racking system, which will hold your larger items as well as tall items that may not normally fit in other models. There are also two sets of tines in the lower rack that will fold down. This is great for washing more of your larger or wider items such as oversized pots and pans or mixing bowls. I like it because I can finally wash my snack trays and chip/salsa bowls in the dishwasher! If you have really large items like oversized stock pots or things that you could never imagine fitting into a normal dishwasher, then this GE Profile has a surprise for you! I did not even realize this dishwasher had this feature until I got it home, but the upper rack is fully removable! This allows plenty of room for anything that you could not fathom washing before. There is also one piece silverware basket that has three separate areas and cell covers for all of your cutlery and silverware.

When it comes to talking about the washing power of this little jewel, rest assured that GE has covered all of their bases. The GE profile comes with a six level BrilliantClean Wash system with CleanSensor. What this technology does is use three full sized wash arms in conjunction with six levels of wash action to scrub your dishes to a mirror shine. The sensor in the dishwasher constantly monitors the progress of the wash and will automatically adjust the wash cycle to ensure superior levels of clean.

With all that action going on, it is important to take into consideration the noise emission this dishwashing unit may produce. Once again, GE aims to please! This unit is equipped with the QuietPower 6 Sound Package, which utilizes fan-assisted drying and GE’s enhanced insulation package. This feature makes it seem like the dishwasher is not even there.

This model can be found with large retail appliance stores such as Sears, Best Buy and Lowes at less than $1,000. Keep in mind that there are many rebates available with such a purchase, so be sure to ask your salesperson. The GE Profile comes with a limited one year warranty that covers the entire appliance, parts and any labor associated with the repairs. There is a lso a limited five year warranty on the racks and electronic parts, and a limited lifetime warranty on the door liner parts, tub and any labor associated with their repair.

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