Top Electric Woks for Under $100

We all love a delicious stir-fry meals now and then, and the best cooking equipment for producing stir-fries is of course a wok, which can utilized for many varieties of asian-styled meals and soups. An electric wok is able to give you better control over heating and temperature, helping you to produce better searing and stir-frying, and the ease of portability allows you to cook a fabulous dish anywhere you can find an outlet, without needing a stove or a flame.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to find such a desirable piece of cooking equipment. You can find great quality electric woks for under $100.

The Breville EW30XL Gourmet Wok is at the top of its class, and is an electric wok utilizing 1500 watts of power to deliver 14 settings of variable heat for the ultimate in precision stir-frying and quick-searing. The entire wok is suitably heated, serving to better cook your food evenly, and as the wok is of a 14″ diameter, it is of suitable size to easily handle large amounts of food in order to prepare a meal for the whole family.

The wok is die-cast and scratch resistant, with specialized Quantanium and titanium coatings and a nonstick exterior. An included glass lid contains a steam vent and a stainless steel rim. The electric wok breaks down easily for dishwasher safe cleaning, and also includes a handy recipe book and cooking tips, as well as a spatula.

Heavy duty, solid construction, with excellent design and heating capabilities, the Breville Gourmet Electric Wok is certainly an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys cooking their own Asian meals.

Not to be outdone, the Cuisinart WOK-730 7-2/7-Quart Electric Wok is a worthy contender. Ideal for stir-fries, simmering soups or sauces, and steaming vegetables, this electric wok heats powerfully and quickly with 1800 watts. Easily maintaining the desired temperature, the wok browns food nicely, and a handy removable temperature probe can measure the temperature up to 450 degrees. Included accessories are a steamer rack for vegetables, which can also be used for steaming dumplings, a tempura rack for delicious tempura dishes, and two spatulas.

The wok is designed with a nonstick surface and stainless steel exterior, with die cast handles for easy lifting and carrying. The domed lid fits neatly over the wok for ideal steaming. All of the removable parts are dishwasher safe, and the wok is compact and can be stored easily.

Another entirely suitable option is the Circulon 14-Inch Nonstick 48785 Electric Wok. Slightly smaller than the previous electric woks, the Circulon has a 4 3/4 quart capacity and 14″ diameter, still ideal for small families or couples. A wide range of cooking settings enables you to more precisely prepare mouth-watering stir-fries and other meals, and included tempura and steam racks increase your cooking options and capabilities. An included cookbook is sure to supply you with many ideas.

The anodized nonstick finish of the wok allows you to use less oil for healthier cooking, and of course cleans easily. Heating up quickly with 1400 watts of power, the electric wok retains heat evenly and is sure to help you produce world-class authentic Asian meals.

The West Bend 79586 6-Quart Capacity Electric Wok features heat resistant handles and heat resistant base for increased safety, and a very useful support ledge that serves to keep food warm while other food remains cooking within the wok.

The nonstick interior of the wok keeps the food flowing smoothly around the wok as you stir-fry, and the wok retains its heat even as more food is added, for even cooking. As with the other woks, there is a removable temperature control and all the remaining removable parts are dishwasher safe.

The West Bend Electric Wok is less expensive than the others, but still capable of producing excellent meals. It is recommended to place it on a cutting board when using it.

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