Morning Thoughts

Watching my horses contentedly munching their morning hay I wish life could be so easy. Do you think they care about earning enough to feed themselves or loved ones? The price of gas just went up again. The American Economy is going down the tubes. Wish I could help. The same is happening in Europe. How many soldiers will die in Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Iraq today? I hate to think of the slaughter in Africa. Mankind has gone crazy!

It’s getting harder and harder to find a decent paying job. Most of the people I know are now working a second job and still barely getting by. The price of food has gone wild. How do they make a mortgage or rent payment? The daily grind is barely paying for basic living and there is nothing left. When push comes to shove I’ll plant a giant garden, raise a beef or pig, buy more chickens, and dig a big root cellar. I’m glad the farm is paid for.

I need to fill up on gas today but I wonder what that will cost. I’ve seen the price change 2 or 3 times a day. I don’t know what they are doing with us. I see the suppliers deliver gas about once a week, so you know the stations pay the price on that day. Then they change the price on that same load of fuel several times. Is that right?

The economy should have everybody worried. What’s in store for the future? Now it’s anybody’s guess. I’m glad the President and Congress are getting so involved. I think McCain made a big step by suspending his campaign to try and help. Obama decided to continue. I think that’s a big mistake. Think of the millions of dollars that are spent on campaigns. If they are so concerned, why not contribute some of their big money.

I’m from a military background, but I still don’t know why the world insists on War. Man has been fighting for thousands of years and it will never stop, but it has evolved into a massive fearful monster.

Wonder what was in my morning coffee? Sitting and awaiting the sunrise gives you to much time to think. I’ll go do some work and think about the immediate tasks at hand. When that is finished just remember, tomorrow is another day.

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