Top Five At-Home Family Friendly Summer Water Activities

A front yard water day can be a fun and exciting day fit for the whole family. From affordable water games, to full-on amusement park-quality water slides, you can bet that your family fun day is going to be a blast. You don’t have to load up the entire family to beat the heat at the beach or lake. Enjoy these top five family-friendly summer water activities at home and you’ll be sure to have a blast.

Playground Water Slide

If your kids have a jungle gym or other second story play fort, you can easily transform it into a water slide fun park. This Playground Waterslide is a great addition to any backyard playground and is a steal at under $200. Just hook up the garden hose to the top of the slide, insert the drain and watch the fun happen.

Blast Zone Tropical Splash

This fantastic water slide is an inflatable model with a huge water slide. Kids love to zip down the inflatable slide and into a pool surrounded by neat palm trees. Once the fun is over, just simply deflate the water slide and store until you’re ready to use it again. An electric motor allows it to inflate in minutes for awesome outdoor water fun.

Blast Zone Buccaneer Water Slide

Looking for a bit more fun on the high seas? The $350+ Blast Zone Buccaneer Water Slide is a top of the line inflatable water slide that has a cool pirate theme. Throw in a water cannon, huge slide and a pirate lagoon and you’ve got a whole day filled with fun for all your little swashbucklers.

Intex Countryside Play Center

If your children are much smaller but still love to splash and play in the front yard, try the Intex Countryside Play Center. Filled with unique learning toys that children aged 3 and up can use, this shallow water toy is great for young children-and adults alike.

Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Water Park

If you’re looking for the top of the line water fun park for your kids, look no further than the Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Water Park. This top of the line water theme park comes complete with a huge castle slide, a fun ball pit and a splash pool for the ultimate in outdoor water slide fun. At just under $600 it’s not for every budget, but it’s on every kid’s summer wish list.

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