Top Five Places to Go During the Zombie Apocolypse

Lets face it, The world is filled with zombies. On T.V. with such shows as The Walking Dead and on the big screen with movies like World War Z. Possibly, they are among us, maybe in Miami. As a huge fan of The Walking Dead, I can’t help but notice that they continually make the wrong choices for places to call home. The first season was a unfortified campsite outside of Atlanta. The second season, a unfortified farm. Season three, a prison. There are better places to go, and when the real zombie apocalypse hits, here are the places you will want to be.

Number One: On a ship. It is a known fact that zombies can’t swim, nor do they enjoy yachting. So, what better place to hole up than on a ship. It might seem like a wise idea to board a cruise ship, since they have nice accommodations and a large supply of food on board. But remember, they probably have a few thousand zombies on board too. Your best bet is a cargo ship or smaller personal yacht. Yes, you might be roughing it on board, but a crew of thirty or forty zombies is easier to deal with.

Number two: A nice quiet deserted island. Perhaps a destination of your ship could be a deserted island. These islands are numerous and can be found in a variety of climates. All the way from Arctic to the tropics. When picking an island, be sure to find one large enough and with the right climate to grow crops and raise animals. You will need to have this planned out in advance. Google Earth can assist you in this.

Number three: Lets assume for a moment that you do not live near water or your get sea sick, In this case, being remote will greatly assist in your survival. Think Wyoming. The smaller the population of the area you move to, the fewer zombies there will be. It only makes sense. Clear the area of undead, then fortify your town with high walls, moats, and a drawbridge. In this situation, you are going to have to go medieval.

Number four: A major ski resort. This may seem an odd choice, but here is the rational behind it. Most ski resorts are in a somewhat remote area. Find a nice ski lodge or chalet, set up camp, and you are guaranteed safety for at least half the year. How? Simple, Snow. Batten down the hatches and laugh as the zombies try to get through sub zero temperatures and ten feet of snow.

Number five: If you happen to be a urban dweller, then your best bet is on the top of a highrise. There are a couple of reasons that this makes a good place to be. First, there is generally very limited access from below. With the elevators out of service (no power), the only access to the top floors will be two or three stairwells. These can be effectively barricaded and guarded. Secondly, you have the entire roof available to grow your food on. If you need more space, take the tops of two buildings that are next to each other. You will need to run zip lines so you can easily travel from one location to the other. Why bother going down to ground level unless you have to.

And there you have it. Five ideal locations to ride out the zombie apocalypse.

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