Top Herbal Remedies Products for Under $50

In this age of overpriced prescription medicines, with all their side-effects, and some conventional treatments which give only partial or limited results, having other options to treating our healthcare concerns is needed.

Although European countries and Asian cultures embrace alternative medicine with as much respect as they do “modern” conventional medicine and, in some cases, use it instead of or in conjunction with conventional treatments, we are kind of slow to grasping this concept here in the States.

I have held a personal interest in the last few years in alternative medicine. For that reason, I am constantly on the lookout for quality products of this nature that have been tried, tested and evaluated by others and that have a stellar reputation.. It’s also important to me that the cost be reasonable, as there are many natural products companies who gauge their customers with ridiculously overinflated pricing for their merchandise..

I was first introduced to the Christopher’s Original Formulas five years ago, as their reputation is a good one. A serious health condition was being faced by a family member at the time and we were seeking more choices than the more conventional ones that were being offered. After much research, I discovered an article about the Christopher’s Original Formulas line of herbal products, whose company was founded by the late Dr. John Raymond Christopher. M.H., N.D., and is continued by his son David.

To give you a brief background, John R. Christopher was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1909. He became fascinated with alternative methods of healing early in life and studied about various herbs, as well as diet and nutritional methods, that helped improve the health of others with radical results. As an alternative medicine practitioner and herbalist, he helped many of his patients recover from serious illnesses. He eventually opened a School of Natural Healing, in 1953. which is today.

Christopher’s Formulas can now be ordered online or via mail order. They come in capsule form, liquid form and in bulk form. They also offer informative books. videos, CD’s and a newsletter., as well as ointments, oils, soaps, juicers and health machines, such as swing machines and a slant board. They even have some recommendations on how to make dietary changes to assist your body in healing.

Their online website at has a number of links and other resources for you to use. What I lie most is the fact that they are very good at responding to you, when you email them a question. Whenever I have had a question or concern about anything concerning any of their products, they have usually been swift in answering and willing to address my inquiries. They will even talk to you by telephone, if you need more specific information on their products and are always courteous and anxious to help in whatever way they can.

Most of their formulas can be purchased for under $50 and the majority of them range in price from $9.75 to $38.50. Only a few items are over that amount, such as certain specialty items. There is so much to choose from at such reasonable prices.

Some of the herbal formulas they have are for helping with health conditions such as acne, adrenal problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, female and male reproductive concerns, heart problems, colds and flu, strokes, menopause, infertility, impotence,obesity, dental health, fevers, vertigo and many other topics of mild to serious health conditions. Due to FTC restrictions placed on healthcare products sites, they do not list the specific conditions their products are geared towards, but there is a resource link on their site where you can go to find out which of their products is suggested for a particular ailment.

i have had only very positive experiences with Christopher’s Original Formulas products and I believe them to be a company of integrity, whose goal is to actually get people well.

I realize that not everyone is open to alternative medicine and I do not intend to impugn any “modern” physicians or treatments. If, however, you are someone who champions the right to explore other healthcare treatment methods, then I highly recommend that you visit the website for Christopher’s Original Formulas products and give them a look.

I have not been disappointed yet with them and plan to continue to order their quality remedies when necessary.

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